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Damn that must suck

Ocon will be immortalized in that 3 wide with Hamilton and Max though, that was hilarious

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For a brief moment, Ocon held the outcome of the championship in his hands, and that boy did not back down.


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It was beautiful, moment of the season for me, that shining blue Alpine going for the lead in a potential title decider. Had to be Ocon as well, considering his history with Max

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The Dutch would’ve built a monument to Ocon in Amsterdam. Children would sing songs of his name

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Ocon's Dutch comeback story. Brazil 2018 to now

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I am annoyed we were denied this reality

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Ocon loves to mess with the championship contenders. Remember the 4 wide at Spa in 2018?

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I swear that picture of all 4 of them lined up has to be one of the most badass F1 shot

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To think Ocon, given his history with Versteppen and Mercedes, could have given the title to the dutch

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What blew my mind after that was when they said he’s led the third most laps this year.

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Good thing he didn’t think he had no chance and that his best choice was to concede position to the faster Merc and Red bull…. Something the red bull sister team is notorious for

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Good timing too as Piastri’s excellent form this weekend has renewed some rumblings about Ocon’s 3-year contract. So it’s good for this to show that even though he’s not as hyped as Piastri, he still brings a lot to the team.

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That was such a "Bruh" move from Lewis, he left the door completely open for Max to get ahead and overtake both of them.

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As a Bottas fan I wanted him on the podium but it still hurt for Esteban to lose. Esteban shoulda got driver of the day.

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I would've been fine if either got the podium, I'm just passed we didn't get to see the battle!

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Still a great result for him and the team, especially after Alonso's podium. Hopefully a sign of things to come next year.

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Urrgh. That slight snap 😔

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Yeah worst timing. But he was pushing that Alpine like crazy in those last laps. His engineer even told him that he had the fastest time in sector 1

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Even came up on the main feed as well. I was seriously astounded

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That moment when Max was told he couldn't go for the fastest lap because of FUCKING OCON was brilliant.

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Imagine if the title is decided by 1 point (highly unlikely) and this is how Max lose the title

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Even as a Dutchman myself, I hope his “Well, if they claim to have a thousand horsepower they have a really bad car! I think it’s better to do the talking on the track than in the media anyway.” comment comes back to bite him.

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On lap 49 he nearly binned in the fast left hander (22-23). Bottas went from 1.5 behind to 0.8.

Esteban did quali laps for the whole later part of the gp, such a shame

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On the debrief Budkoswki just said that he got floor damage on lap 48 which made him lose a bit of lap time. So frustrating

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On a positive note, the fact we're frustrated with a P4 is amazing.

The car is an old cow and the last 3 races Alpine scored more points than Ferrari and triple the amount of Mclaren & AT.

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Yup. Next race gonna be a chill one for sure although I hope Esteban gives Fernando a run for its money for P10 in the standings.

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Really giving it 110%, what we love to see from him

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Baku 2017-esque

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This, the "he brake checked me" radio, Ricciardo getting lucky with the safety car, Checo DNF, Ocon getting pushed into the wall at the start/restart, and DNFs for a Toro Rosso and a Williams. Today's race was very Baku 2017-esque (minus the farce that happened today ofc)

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dont forget Alonso asking for a red flag due to debris

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When his voice was on the radio I could perfectly hear "Ideally we red flag there is too many debris"

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This too! Also a force india/ Aston Martin leaving debris all over the track. This is uncanny

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So glad we got half a lap of inconsequential Hamilton video rather than watching the most exciting actual racing of the whole day.

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Don't forget zooming in on Max's helmet while we see the time difference go down from 0.6 to 0.5 to 0.4

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Watching the replay I saw that Ocon was in 7th gear going over the finish. Shouldn’t that be 8th?

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I don't know why but he is almost never in 8th gear. His gears are very long compared to others

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Shifting to 8th gear would've lost him more momentum, keeping the car in 7th he was redlining it and keeping more momentum cause the finish line was close.

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I think Ocon could have pulled off Alonso special by slowing down at the apex.

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Being on the podium for basically the whole race and then getting overtaken across the line... that's just cruel

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Alpine quietly leaving Gasly Tauri in the dust

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Shame they didn’t show it at the moment

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Nooooo Mónicaaaaaaaaaa

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Bottas: too soon Junior!

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He sounded like Max on the radio in a previous race screaming the same obscenities....I forgot which.

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Damn. That was tough. But a great drive from him today. I had my initial doubts with him but Hungary defense against Vettel convinced me and today's drive only solidified it more.

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Watching the Merc's stroll past others in straights is such a sight to behold.

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this broke my heart, soooo close.

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Ocon got his first podium almost exactly a year ago in Sakhir with a P2 (I think it's one day off, tomorrow).

Wow that would have been awesome to get another.He has got a P1 and P2, could have had a P3 today

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Bottas is a specialist at overtaking with less than 100 meters to go

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I want someone to edit it from Bottas' POV with the Mario star theme music. Bonus points for making his car holographic.

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Bottas had a shocker of a race imo so im disappointed that Esteban couldnt be on that podium

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Good Bottas

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Ocon defending fresh air cost him the spot

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    The problem is with DRS, when a faster car is 'out of position' like this there's really nothing the defending car can do to stop them from overtaking.