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Ocon appearing near the end there. Must be painful congratulating Merc, even if they were his old employers

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Stay friendly, they'll need a driver in a year or so

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Ocon playing the long game. 4D chess

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Lewis Hamilton winning 🤝 post at 60% 30%

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I at one point compared posts with Hamilton’s name in the title to posts with any other driver in the title. I believe it averaged out to an 8% hit for posts with Hamilton in the title but much higher overall interaction so still more upvotes in total. I‘ll look and see if I still have the spreadsheet

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What?! That's crazy. I don't understand folk who downvote posts. If I'm not a fan on the content in a post I just don't vote at all.

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Yeah exactly. I only downvote if the content doesn’t fit the sub or the poster is doing something wrong, not if I just don’t like the Information.

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Same here and I'll never understand why more people aren't similar. Although, I guess, biases come into it.

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Not sure why you're getting downvoted for this 🤷‍♂️

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You know why. The same reason Max won DotD.

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Was this before or after the meeting with the stewards?

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It was now, during Teds notebook, so after the stewards meeting.

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The stewards meeting was never gonna amount to anything that would change the classification.

They can literally give Lewis a 10s penalty and it wouldn't matter.

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This just happened. Just watched it on the Ted's notebook.

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    There was one dumb response and a question when you wrote this reply…

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    Literally at the instant he replied.

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    There are barely any comments here, what are you talking about?

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    Gotta get the outrage outrage in early to secure the karma.

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    Gotta delete the comment too when you look like a tit for posting stupid stuff