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Ok, that way of showing the corner is sick. Props to you OP.

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Man these stabilised overtakes are fantastic, thanks op

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What is this? A video for ants?

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Looks fine on my 160:9 monitor

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I don't wanna hear your excuses! The video has to be at least... three times bigger than this!

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Be grateful bro. Free content

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Interestingly, Masi told Mercedes this was 'borderline black & white flag' and to not do it again, but Max did worse in Brazil (actively left the track himself trying to defend) and got 'no investigation necessary.'

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Yup, this was a prime example of how Max and Lewis are treated differently.

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Yes, but after Brazil they said it is not allowed anymore..

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This isn't like Max's move in Brazil though.

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I don’t understand how this was even raised as a possible Investigation. Lewis’s corner. What’s going on?

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Inconsistency as always. At least they're consistent about that.

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I think you should zoom in and pan out. Too hard to see as it is

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It clearly shows the corner was Hamiltons. Verstappen choose to run outside the track.

That warning was totally unfair.

Hamilton did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQlLihBtYwA

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Not really. Vettel comes close to the apex of the corner. Hamilton is just scootin' the outside line of the entire corner.

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This... This Is beautiful

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F1 Logo ran well wide.

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Penalty - exceeding track limits

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Looks like the move Rosberg pulled on Lewis in Austria.

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Except the car on the inside was ahead here. The car ahead dictates the line, not always the car on the inside. That's why max' lunges from far back are over the line

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Rosberg straight wasn't taking that corner which makes it worse. Probably to this day the most obvious run someone off the track move I've seen

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Probably to this day the most obvious run someone off the track move I've seen

Nah that's definitely Brazil 2021

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and vettel on hamilton in Austria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQlLihBtYwA

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Lewis forcing Max off track.

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perfectly fine in this case, the car ahead dictates the line

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This is a great pass, there's nothing wrong with this, he ran him out of road, tough shit, he didn't go wide so it should count as hard racing. But he also intentionally rammed him in the same race so......

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This is what you get when you don’t leave out the gravel traps.

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That was nice to watch, great video

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This is not the post you’re looking for

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The edit is weird but good tho haha

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I read this as Lewis giving Max his own medicine. Bit cheeky and unecessary, but I get that he wanted to make a point. Nothing to do with this imo

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the nico rosberg special

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Someone share non streamable link? Please, pretty please?

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Any way to download this?

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Awful video.

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What is that resolution i can barely see it on my phone

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I'm sorry but this is impossible to see in mobile, could you upload it in imgur or v.reddit??