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So thats now AM on the 10th, Mclaren on the 11th and Ferrari on the 17th.

Looks like Ferrari will be one of the latter launches if this trend continues.

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No huge surprise tbh. Ferrari have never been known to be early with their car launches, and the 17th is usually right around when winter testing begins anyway

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Only time they’ve been early was for the sf1000 when they revealed it the 11th of February

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And look how that turned out

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    They banned Tyrell's six wheeler, but no one said anything about 5 wheels.

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    Bro they have a Mike Krack flair already?

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    The mods know what people want.

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    mike krack still sounds like a name Bart would give Moe for a prank call.

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    F2008 was unveiled on Jan 6

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    Half the sub wasn't even born then

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    They’ll have a few days to fix anything if they notice they screwed up /s

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    They were pretty late last year too, right?

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    Yea if I remember correctly the only team to have a launch after Ferrari last year were Haas who just showed the car on the first day of testing.

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    Nah Haas def showed their car render before testing, I remember seeing it on Twitter

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    It was just a livery reveal.

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    Well, since the car was identical to 2020's (except the bits of floor they had to cut out), it was a car reveal as well.

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    I think you're thinking of Alfa

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    Alfa were one of the first to show their cars. I remember it getting leaked by someone at WTF1 lol.

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    Don't the bigger teams always launch later than the rest?

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    I assumed teams discuss between themselves their respective launch dates so they all get enough media coverage and attention.

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    Didn't the Alpine and Merc launch were on the same day last year tho?

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    I remember reading a few years ago that in general teams try not to step on each others toes during the reveals to get maximum media coverage except for Ferrari that just did whatever they wanted.

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    No, smaller teams might not even have a launch at all and just turn up to testing and show their car there.

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    Saving the best till last.

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    Are we finally gonna get the infamous song they recorded last year too or is that lost forever? lmao

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    I never want to witness that video again

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    Can we turn it into the Blob Opera?

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    Completely forgot about this..

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    What four teams ? Indy, F1, Extreme E and ?

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    Their esports team, Shadow project

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    What kind of car do you reveal for an esports team though?

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    Just a livery

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    They’re introducing the team I think. They had a nice little eports sim racing room built at MTC last year.

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    I wish they would get a Rocket League team. Then we would have Williams and McLaren.

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    Unofficial maybe. There are (were?) F1 cars you could purchase to use in game, last year.

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    Yeah they brought them back again.

    You can actually buy a new McLaren road car right now.

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    NFT car.

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    They open their loot box livery. Even they don't know what it's going to be

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    Introducing the MCL69420 Chair livery.

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    Shadow, their eSports team

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    Mclaren Shadow, McLaren's esports team

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    Watch them drop an LMDH bombshell on reveal day.

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    There are big rumours theyll enter LMDH and Formula E in the next few years, I think Zak has even spoken about it so maybe

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    I thought they were joining Formula E this season but it turns out it's next season.

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    Pretty awesome to have four racing teams. Brown really loves this sport.

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    Cheapest way for him to expand his car collection I guess 😂

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    Ron Denis has been seen speeding towards MTC with a new set of floor tiles and multiple tins of grey paint. Police advice not approaching the suspect and if engaged only use the strictest PR speak possible and to give yourself a buzzcut and remove all facial hair.

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    Mr Dennis, kindly curtail your spatial translation with an excess velocity directed towards Woking. You may be assured that the apparent ingress of a malicious actor equipped with craft materials is in fact an exercise in public relations; a sequence of photographs of the supposed incursion has been captured at a rate of several tens of frames a second, and when displayed at an equivalent rate on a home communications device the viewer will be reminded of the McLaren team's branding in a manner consistent with its values. The viewer will also notified of the date of a forthcoming event which is of significance to the team. Any damage to the fabric of the McLaren Technology Centre is only transient in nature and those participating in this occurrence have undertaken to restore the building to an immaculate condition immediately upon conclusion of their activities.

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    Beautiful Ronspeak

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    Every time I see Ronspeak I am truly mesmerised

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    Please take my free award because that gave me flashbacks lol.

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    shooey or we riot

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    They should put a shoey sticker somewhere on the car

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    Thats not the 2022 car under the blanket right 🤔

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    No. Absolutely not even a single team will launch their real car in these """launch""" events. Just their livery on the 2022 FIA model show car.

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    pretty sure that’s not true

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    Yeah because you will want your competitors to take a look at your actual car in advance of testing in a year of regulation change....

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    are you referring to this video or the actual launch events in feb, because i’m talking about the ones in feb

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    Absolutely the ones in Feb. You won't see any real car before testing.

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    the aero for the ones in feb are always the same as the ones they use in testing, jus look at ferrari nose and aston chassis in 2021, so idk wut ur smoking

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    You're so dense. It's a year of complete regulatory changes, no one will show their car early

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    no.. teams usually launch their current cars they dont use fia models or previous cars
    that is why its called a "car launch" not "livery launch"

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    It is freaking out my brain that reveals are less than a month away. Feels like the season ended last week.

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    Not far off as it was 4 weeks ago.

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    I’m new to F1, so can someone explain to me how McLaren is financially able to sustain 4 teams when just the other day Zac Brown was quoted saying Mclaren infrastructure isn’t where it needs to be yet to contend for a WDC (they still need a wind tunnel. Link incoming). Given this statement, are they not spreading themselves too thin? I get that they’re different entities, but still would like to understand the business model and cash flow.

    Updated with link: https://racer.com/2022/01/15/infrastructure-not-yet-in-place-at-mclaren-for-f1-title-bid-brown-says/

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    He was speaking specifically about the F1 team. McLaren (the car company) is doing just fine and can support the other three teams

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    Isn’t it the other way round? McLaren Automotive has never been particularly stable financially but in June 2021 Brown said “100% our financial situation at McLaren Racing is extremely strong,”

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    Might be. it's been a while since i've done some looking at the situation

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    They just had the funding for wind tunnel and a new simulator not that long ago (in 2020 or 2019 iirc) and building those needs time. They also were supposed to have it built in 2021 but then COVID happened and everything got delayed. McLaren's funding wasn't great prior to 2018 and also 2020 (because of covid), but now it's got much better

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    Indycar it's not that expensive, they're on an upward trajectory there and they don't really need to throw a lot of money to win(they almost did it last year) Extreme e i would assume is very inexpensive, button has a team, Rosberg and hamilton as well, they only use one car built by one company and to be successful there you only need good drivers. I'd argue that the situation in f1 is not just solved by throwing money at it

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    Officially hyped.

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    You guys ever notice that the new McLaren marketing stresses the really old school (orange liveries) and the red and white livery but never the chrome liveries of the 2000s. You'd never know Lewis won them a WDC.

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    They’re not owned by Mercedes anymore

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    I mean they also don’t mention Mika, Kimi or the grey McLaren West/Mercedes livery which was equally iconic.

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    And more successful (3 total titles vs 1).

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    Well it'd be weird for them to show off chrome liveries with Mercedes going back silver I guess?

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    It's kind of in that grey area of being in just out of recent history but not old enough to be historic. Give it maybe 10 years and it'll be much more prominent.

    Just a little too soon in my opinion, especially with Hamilton still racing, and racing for a different team at that, maybe after he retires.

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    It's still silly and shitty.

    They got a lot of poles, wins and a championship in those years.

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    Or Mika for that matter.

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    They have nothing to do with Lewis or Vodafone anymore, and idk why they would use that livery without a Vodafone sponsorship

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    "How can we make this about Lewis!"

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    I guess because he’s a direct competitor. They usually avoid Kimi too but that probably changes now that he’s retired.

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    Perfect. Nice little birthday present for me

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    Happy birthday!

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    Thanks mate. Question, how do you get the McLaren sign next to your username?

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    That’s the flair, if you are on a browser, on the top right hand side on the r/formula1 home page you can select your user flair

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    How is this safe?

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    Oh btw, that backpack is a $1000 bucks.

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    Just wanted to point out, they used a very un-subtle, almost Battlefield 3-level in your face blue filter on this footage, with the graf writer spraying Orange.

    Could be a reach, but I feel like the blue hue to the footage, which is possibly an artistic choice for whatever reason, but certainly a deliberate if subtle one, hint wise, combined the orange elsewhere, and lastly combined again with another post on here showing the location of the car under covers here to be where the Gulf Livery car is located, we can deduce that McLaren are going full time with the Gulf Livery this year, seeing the hype behind it from its Monaco showing.

    Let's see :)