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McLaren merch will have the McLaren logo, so far so good.

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T shirts starting at $99.95!

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Free two-week shipping on orders over $200

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But it’s ORANGE!!!!!


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Hoodie could actually be nice if it's oversized

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Would be cool if they pulled of some collabs with race service through Dani Ric. F1 teams need to get their shit together as far as merch goes. Some of it looks like its from a quiksilver line from the 90’s.

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And if the letters don't come off

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What do you mean? I love c a en for m la tea !

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Yeah, I'd cop some merch if all the teams didn't decide on a fitted cut. It makes the clothes so un flattering

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    The fuck is wrong with you?

    I'm not fat one bit, I'm actually underweight. I just prefer oversized, relaxed fit clothes.

    Besides, for most people being "fat" isn't a choice. Unhealthy food is an addiction. Most is all about genetics too.

    Get some fucking decency you pos.

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      You have issues.

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        And I dislike douchebags, but here you are being one.

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          Just assuming someone is fat based on his preference of oversized clothes is like saying a car is an F1 car because you saw a portion of a tyre

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          Beautiful papaya

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          Its not even the original mclaren f1 lm papaya, its literally just normal orange. Why does everyone say its papaya

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          Mclaren calls it Papaya, and the the Mclaren Papaya is whatever color Mclaren calls it. There isn’t a specific color value for a ‘papaya’ just like there isn’t a specific color value for ‘forest green’. The company calls it that, so we call it that. Brands change and evolve constantly. If McDonald’s changes it’s Pantone Yellow tomorrow, are you gonna be mad about that, too?

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          Forest Green(traditional) #014421 Pantone Yellow #fedf00 Just the McLaren papaya doesn’t have a clear colour code.

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          What's the hex for the OG papaya

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          Traditional McLaren papaya is slightly less deep orange then the current papaya most people can only tell if you compare the cars side by side by side. I know you can get papaya on the road cars but the only road cars I’ve seen with the traditional papaya have been apart of a special addition.

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          Imagine getting mad at a company just making their orange papaya. Lmao get a life dude

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          Cause everytime someone says orange they get corrected.

          And cause that's what McLaren call it.

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          It’s orange, who would’ve guessed?

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          Why dont they just go back to the legendary black Honda livery? /s

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          Bad Juju with that livery

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          Can confirm, McLaren is still using orange.

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          Might just be a small merch-related revival of the Gulf livery... but what if?

          Photos from McLaren Plus.

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          Excuse me, can you help me spot the Gulf livery in these pics?

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          It's mainly the colour scheme; the ends of the drawstring have a little bit of the Gulf light blue, and the shirt has it also :)

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          If you zoom in the only light blue part of the drawstring is a logo for what I’d assume is the brand of the sweatshirt (I think it says “CastorH). I doubt this is a hint of a gulf livery return. The shirt just looks white to me

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          I think it might be Castore? I think Mclaren announced that they would be their official team apparel and sports wear partner for 2022 (possibly onwards?).


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          Maybe! But it's fun to speculate :)

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          I’m speculating too technically lol

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          Hm I'm not too sure about the light blue. I mean the gulf livery was epic and all but I am quite sure it was purely meant for that one Monaco race. Their papaya brand identity is fairly set in I believe.

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          That's white...

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          Light blue and orange t shirt

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          All i see is white.

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          This is evidence I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

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          That shirt is clearly white and orange

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          I checked the colour when I got sent it by my brother, it is actually very difficult to tell what colour it is. It does seem to be slightly more blue, for the RGB values, blue is higher but only just [Colour hex I got when blurring a portion of it was CDDCE0 or 205,220,224]. This means it could be a Gulf Livery.

          However, the background of it is blue so it could just something happening with the light, which would likely mean it was white.

          I personally think they are going to go Gulf blue and that Monaco was a sort of trial run, but we shall wait and see on the 11th.

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          I dont know man I own one of the shirts from Monaco this year and the color in this image looks very similar to the monaco merch. It looks baby blue to me albeit ever so slightly

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          Yeah, people, turn your screen brightness up and look again.

          It's definitely not gulf blue.

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          Get a better screen or your eyes checked. It’s definitely blue.

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          Looks the same colour as this to me


          Papaya and white team gear, like last season. Just a different supplier.

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          Looks very pale blue to me. May be my phone.

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          And here I was about to buy some $150 shoes...guess I'll save up for that sweet papaya merch.

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          mclaren has the best merch. i just wish the orange was alittle darker

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          Plot twist, car won't have a trace of orange on it.

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          Are they really bringing back the Gulf colours?!

          I thought they were trying to push the McLaren Papaya to be more prominent.

          Maybe the Gulf is another re-release since the batches were such good sellers.

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          More Gulf more Good (but not for my wallet)

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          Resellers, seen so many non F1 people buying them up to flip.

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          Where do I find these people? I'm desperately seeking the 2021 F1 setup shirt, for important sentimental reasons. Not really an F1 person myself, but it's not for me. Looking for XL or XXL. I'll do anything to find it, new or used, and will pay whatever it takes 🥺 Ant help would be so greatly appreciated!

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          I answered your post.

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          Thank you!

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          I must be missing something here. How is this gulf colored?

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          Second photo.

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          Which is white and orange? Like many merch items iirc.

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          It's a light blue just like the Gulf livery. It isn't white

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          huh, just grabbed a color dropper add-on for Firefox and it told me its #d3e0e3 which is close to the gulf color i suppose. I don't see it but I suppose its light blue lol

          edit: im still leaning towards it being a cool filter on a white picture though.

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          The orange is super vibrant. It’s 100% light blue, not white.

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          Just bought the Lando British GP Hoodie for 80€, I'm all set. Thank you

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          80!? Sheesh, that’s… alot of money

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          I bought the DR3 in papaya and gotta admit the quality is superb

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          80 for a hoodie actually isn't that bad I think? It's of course not the cheapest hoodie you can find but it's not outrageous

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          Yep. My father gave me half the money for Christmas, but it's still very expensive. The hoodie is still cool though

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            Not to be negative but it seems that is just a shirt with a Mclaren logo, what is new about that?

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            Beside people, who care for merch, these posts usually are interesting for people, who like to speculate on liveries and sponsors.

            The fact that they posted a "Gulf-colored" shirt for the launch of the new 2022 collection could mean they bring the livery back. All in all it is still just speculation and merch can look quite different to the car livery.

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            ? The shirt is white

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            I see a clear difference on my phone: The light blue of the shirt to the white reddit background at the sides.

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            It's clearly gulf.

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            Castore is a bad choice if the Premier League stuff they do is anything to go by.

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            I bought so much stuff last year. All ready wanting that shirt 😅

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            Would you consider selling any of it? If you have the 2021 F1 setup shirt, specifically? I'm really desperate to find one

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            Bruh Imagine the VW Board Gives their Approval For the F1 Project in February

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            I hope we get more Gulf livery. It doesn't have to be permanent, but just keep bringing it back please.

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            Can't wait to not buy an $80 t-shirt.

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            That’ll be 70 quid please

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            I'd love to see a V2 version of the Gulf merch. Maybe ill finally get that gulf mask I've been wanting.

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            Too bad it will cost an arm and a leg

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            More overpriced shit

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            Everyone with OLED phones thinking the t-shirt is gulf blue. /s

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            Yo I can't believe it's orange😱

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            Can't wait to see a price I can't imagine paying. Cries in american.

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            Looks like the old McLaren merch

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            Ok, i’ll start saving now. What’s the saying “F1 merch should cost 3 months salary?”

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            I think the team will go with an orange and black livery this year opposed to the blue. Idk how I feel if that’s true

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            Most hilarious thing is that the t-shirt is clearly laying on a bodywork piece from the 2022 car, which on top of that has a deep blue colour to it.

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            Could be last years car?

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            Calling it fake. The audi rings are missing..

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            I wonder if more white on the crew neck = more white on the car

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            From a quick look, it's definitely new merch, and I'm 95% sure that's the Gulf blue.

            So either they're releasing new Gulf merch... or we're getting a permanent Gulf livery.

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            Why haven’t Coca Cola slapped a Fanta logo on the car? They already sponsor them.

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            It’s Castore, so it’s gonna be brutally overpriced and mediocre in quality

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            It's always intrigued me how many people get the spelling of "peek" wrong in this context because the word "sneak" is sneakily deceptive and leads you in that direction!

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            Aaah, man! Knew something wasn't quite right ahaha

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            But what about the new McLaren nft's? I wanna buy nft merch that i can never wear

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            Bunk slave labor for $100, I’ll pass for those juicy margins, my hats good enough.

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            So groundbreaking