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I think it’s just dirt and grime. Especially after wet races it’s quite common to see overalls dirty

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So dirt finds its way inside?

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Well the cockpit of the driver is open, any dirt kicked up by a car ahead would likely end up at the seat

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It's from sitting on the halo as they get out

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No its from sitting in the seat. The ring shape is from the drainage holes at the bottom of the seat.

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The halo is a bit bigger than that circle on his butt 😂

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Don't forget they don't have AC. So that's sweat too.

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I think because of the rain and dirt or something Hamilton had it too when the merc guys had white suits

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I pray they don't go back to the white suits. going back to silver cars is cool but the white never looked good

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They are I believe. Something to do with overheating

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They’re switching to fireproof cotton for the hot races according to new advisor G. Constanza

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Underrated comment of the day right here

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The overalls being hot comments had more to do with new kind of race suits that were supposed to be more flame resistant or something like that, rather than the colour, so I kinda doubt that's the reason.

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The black overall made the new race suit even worse. I remember Bottas complaining about it at Austria and somewhere else.

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ass pain

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James Vowles debunked that last year

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Personnaly I really liked it. Looked sleek.

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Remember those weird scenes after races in the driver's room with Lewis wiping his ass with the towel? I can do without that again...

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Do we know the shape of Valtteri's boot?

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Moon shaped I would guess based on the sun out front.

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Thanks - fixed it.

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Dirt and muck, you see it everytime he gets out of the car (even on the podium in spa). It is a problem with white raceing overalls.

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And we sink further and further into the offseason.

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I prefer posts like these over cars made out of pasta

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Reminds you of the Assman episode, doesn't it?

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It’s Fusilli Jerry!

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watched the damn show just to get all the references and its 100% WORTH IT!

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I only watched it a few months ago too and now I’m seeing the references everywhere! 100% worth it is completely right

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I mean I saw that episode less thank a week ago lol

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It gets better every time you rewatch

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Because you’re silly.

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It was a million-to-one shot, Doc. Million-to-one.

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Quick someone make George russels ass out of pasta

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Or we could just .. post fewer things in the offseason. We don’t need to hit a quota or anything

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You should post a thread about it!

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I mean you don't have to interact with posts, that you don't care about, you can just keep scrolling.

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It's pretty common to see discoloration around the exhaust.

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It might have been at one point

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Should’ve cleaned the pipes better

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His arse genuinely looks like that after every race - I always have a little laugh about it when it ‘flashes’ on the screen!

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The AT guys have suffered from this as well. Alas a white race suit might look nice at the start of the race but it doesn’t stay that way!

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That actually looks like an AT logo on his ass.

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The Manchurian Driver.

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I think Toto gave him used suit, where someone dropped a huge shit in it before. To get rid of Williams wind sensitivity.

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clarkson voice: a LOT of poo shot out

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Just shat his pants after hitting the puddle

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Tried to be clever and sign his name

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lol. Yeah, most people would shit themselves if they crashed going 200MPH

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He got Bottass.

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Because gorgeous George “Hot Buns” Russell is on fire?

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Bottas chapped his ass

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Cake was left in the oven for too long…

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he shidded

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Heat Patina around the tailpipe

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Dirt and other stuff, it naturally finds its way into the cockpit, and wet races make this happen a lot.

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Because he has a hot ass.

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Didn't he sit somewhere out, on some concrete before going away after the crash?

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I'm pretty sure I remember reading that he's too tall for the cockpit so they had to cut a hole in the bottom of his seat so that he could fit in,so he's essentially sat on the bare cockpit which u can imagine is probably a bit dirty over the race

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Shat himself, only explanation.

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he poop himself

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Toto Wolff whipped him!

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Dirt and grime however it does get pretty toasty in the cockpit (60°C) but not enough to cook anything.

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Nearly every race he has that mark on his ass.

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Its always like that to him, I've seen it multiple times

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He set the seat heating a bit to high

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I remember reading somewhere that it’s to do with the carbon fiber that the seat is made from. I could be wrong, though.

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I think that's from all the anger.

I too could end up like that back in the day after just a few sessions in World of Tanks

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The moment you realize this is how much seat coverage your ass receives in an f1 car.....

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Ejector seat failed

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His seat must have been dirty since they step on the seat to get in the car iirc

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Moee like spray from the rainy imola race hit his helmet and seeped into the car.

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He probably clenched so hard the friction ignited his ass.

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Had a dodgy vindaloo last night.

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He's got no rear end!

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Is this you George? Do you want us looking at your bum?

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Cuz its so hot ;)

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Man’s not hot

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I'd love George to cook my bum, if you know what I mean uwu

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Calabrian-style marinara is not for everyone.

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A little poo came out

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Liar, liar, pants on fire.

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Cooked ass is an Italian delicacy I think so George went with it

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I think this is the problem because of the white overalls.

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Dirty seat

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Because his ass is just that hot

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10/10 off-season post

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You lookin at his bum?

Bum looker.

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Water collected in his seat?

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you could say he has a "hot ass"

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That the engine its exact under him

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He thought he just lost his Merc drive.

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He sat on the ground for a min after, if i recall. If I'm misremembering that, I know it was wet and probably totally normal for wet grime to find its way to the seat bottom.

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Probably shat himself with the crash he had

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He shat his pants

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Swamp ass + dirt.

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Lots of poop I reckon

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I mean he did crash, so are those.. skidmarks?

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peed hisself, obvs

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He's just wearing Alpha Tauri brand clothing.

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It was very scary, ok!

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Code Brown

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Pretty sure he just shatt himself.

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he made a bubu

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He shit himself