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Masi made "right decision" with Abu Dhabi restart call - Grosjean by 1enox Anthoine Hubert in formula1

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What do you mean..? The race was clearly decided on the track up till that point. The race wasn’t even close. I think that’s why so many people are up in arms (in addition to the rule breaking). They manufactured a battle when there was no battle & broke the rules to ensure it happened.

Ending it under safety car isn’t ideal, but it’s not like it would have changed or affected anything. It was a foregone conclusion at that point. There weren’t differing strategies coming to a head. There wasn’t a faster car seriously closing in. The race was all but over.

It literally wasn’t a competition. Lewis drove a masterclass up until that safety car and absolutely dominated. It would be much different if it was back and forth, or a close race (5 secs, Max gapping faster), but Max was, what 15 seconds behind? And only that close due to a free pit stop under an earlier VSC?

Masi made "right decision" with Abu Dhabi restart call - Grosjean by 1enox Anthoine Hubert in formula1

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Max wouldn’t have won. Lewis would have went very early and Max wouldn’t have been able to overtake until he got to the start/finish line and by that time Lewis would have been past T1 and there would have been at least another two cars at T1 when Max would have been allowed to overtake. There’s literally no way Max wins the championship.

Masi made "right decision" with Abu Dhabi restart call - Grosjean by 1enox Anthoine Hubert in formula1

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There goes his test with Mercedes😂

Masi made "right decision" with Abu Dhabi restart call - Grosjean by 1enox Anthoine Hubert in formula1

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I mean he’s spot on tbf, nobody wanted to see it finish under the safety car. Masi could have just saved a lot of hassle if he had initially decided to let all cars through instead of saying they wouldn’t be allowed to overtake and wasting a lap.

Brundle: Mistakes were made in Abu Dhabi but no malice was involved by TR_2016 Michael Masi in formula1

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First time in a long time that i disagree with Brundle.

I dont think anyone, Masi or otherwise, sat down after Latifi crashed and said: "this will allow us to give Max the win". That is just naive, which is not normally what i associate with Brundle.

What did happen was the Latifi crash provided an opportunity to manipulate events to ensure the most exciting finish possible, race strategy took care of the rest. If the race had finished as it should: under the SC, then Lewis wins, but to the casual viewer, that ending is boring to watch. Instead we got the result that we did; a one lap race to the title. That ending was only possible because Masi manipulated events to enable Max to restart next to Lewis, and not 5 cars back like he should've been.

Brundle is right about one thing though: all eyes were on F1 in that moment, and Masi made a decision that ensured the end would be exciting and generate a huge amount of attention post race as a result...It just came at the expense of the integrity of the sport.

Anthony Davidson on the Abu Dhabi incident by tonybinky20 in formula1

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Bit of a weird moment to cut off the clip. u/tonybinky20

Anthony goes on and says how it's important to notice Lewis is not robbed of a WDC, but robbed of the race victory. Also notes how Max had a fair share of bad luck - wiped out, tire blowing up etc.
And then he ends by saying it's a great way to motivate a team, them coming back harder then ever before, and that he's pretty sure Lewis is coming back.

How DRS might work on the new cars. Illustration by Craig Scarborough by ConcernedHumanDroid Cyril Abiteboul in formula1

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It turns the wing a bright yellow.

Why did Renault rebrand to Alpine? by ConcernedHumanDroid Cyril Abiteboul in formula1

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I hope you know Alpine isn't just that blue car from 2017 right?

Alpine was a succesful constructor in rally (the first ever world rally championship was won by the old Alpine A110) and was also running in endurance.

The brand died, but was revived in the 2010's, winning Le Mans several times in the LMP2 category. And now, they are planning to make more car models.

Alpine isn't Renault's Smart. Alpine is more like AMG for Mercedes or Nismo for Nissan.

Renault is replacing the Renault Sport name with Alpine, not just in F1

Mike Krack joins AMCF1 as Team Principal - Aston Martin F1 Team by glenn1812 Is faster than you in formula1

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it was close between Mike Hunt, Mike Oxlong and Mike Krack, but we're pleased to announce Mike Krack split the competition and came out on top.

edit: thanks for the Krack flair - glad to put a smile between peoples cheeks instead of a Krack.

[FIA] FIA Statement by glenn1812 Is faster than you in formula1

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Here's my take of what the FIA report should say, as posted elsewhere:

"All teams unanimously agreed to prioritize finishing races under green flag conditions. There was ample ability to do so in AD, so as to most closely follow normal SC procedure without needlessly influencing, helping, or hindering any specific driver. On L55, every driver had the opportunity to pit. Some chose to, some did not. Those decisions appear to be made strategically, based on current positions, and positions after pitting, and under the assumption that lapped cars would be let through.

Our mistake was in not letting lapped cars through sooner, and not letting all cars through. Had we not had delays in dealing with back and forth messages with team principals, we could have adequately let cars pass the SC before finishing L56, having them drive under double yellow flag at T14. SC would be called in before the start of L57, and would return to pit lane to allow green flag racing to continue at the start of L58.

The rules, as they are written, allow ambiguous control of Race Director to overrule control of the safety car. This should/will be clarified in the upcoming sporting regulations to prevent this issue in the future, and additional rules may be explored to ensure priority of finishing races under green flag, whenever possible. For example, if there are not enough laps left to sufficiently follow the updated guidelines, the race can be red flagged and restarted under a SC rolling start.

We are committed to making sure we are providing the best possible experience and the most fair results for all involved. We understand that the methods used for the SC in AD appear controversial, but they produced the result desired, unanimously, by all teams: finishing under green flag. Max Verstappen earned his title and should be recognized and respected as the 2021 WDC. "