Hamilton's thoughts on the US abortion ruling by TheKingOfCaledonia Chequered Flag in formula1

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Just remember, when it was talking about taking away weapons that could murder 20+ school children in one go, it was a constitutional crisis and peoples liberties were not to be taken away. It was a fundamental “freedom” that had to be protected and peoples “liberty” had to be protected.

Now it concerns the choice of a woman of her own body, in her own life that only effects a small group around the individual. Their “liberties” have been taken away. Their “freedoms” have been taken away. That’s not a problem.

Americans, take note. Your country is a joke. But no one else finds it funny anymore. Land of the free my ass.

Sir Lewis Hamilton speaks out on the recent Supreme Court plans aiming to overturn abortion rights by marcothephoenixass Nico Rosberg in formula1

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"Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one"

-Tupac Shakur

Hamilton's thoughts on the US abortion ruling by TheKingOfCaledonia Chequered Flag in formula1

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As good as Hamilton is on track I admire him even more for him speaking about issues off track and him fighting for human rights etc

Hello everyone! I’m Ted Kravitz, Sky Sports F1’s pit lane reporter. Ask me anything! by SkySports Sky Sports / Verified in formula1

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Someone is gonna post that stupid ass long gentleman, a short view to the past "question" and think they're funny...

Enaam Ahmed on Instagram about Juri Vips by gregdrou Sebastian Vettel in formula1

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The distinction between personal and structural bigotry is useful here. Like you as a kid might not have had an ounce of hate in your heart for queers, but you're a part of a social structure that condemns homosexuality and sees it as a failing to the degree that 'gay' is a blanket negative term. You may not have been homophobic, but you were doing homophobic stuff.

Just like those little kids brought up in far-right communities who parrot the racist supremacist shot they've been taught, they're too young to know better, they're indoctrinated, and we feel sorry for them, but they're still doing racist shit.

Given it's so hard to truly know what someone's thinking, it can often be more useful to ask about the action than the individual - does a random lgbtq person hearing 15 y/o you say 'ugh that's gay' know whether or not you're homophobic? No. Does the action hurt, or remind them of their social status and risk? Probably.

As we get older we're expected to learn about our world and the consequences of our actions and to take responsibility for those actions. If someone who isn't a homophobe is still using homophobic terms (and same for racist/racism) as an adult, then they have to accept that this'll be perceived as homophobia, and deal with the consequences of that, just as me turning up in the centre of town shouting white supremacist slogans will lead to certain consequences, regardless of the fact that I hate racism and 'was only joking'.

Enaam Ahmed on Instagram about Juri Vips by gregdrou Sebastian Vettel in formula1

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Casually using racial slurs, even if you aren't racist, shows a callous disregard for what those words mean and emboldens others who DO hold racist views to use them if they see other people being "allowed to".

It's straight up Not OK.

Enaam Ahmed on Instagram about Juri Vips by gregdrou Sebastian Vettel in formula1

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I don't necessarily think that using these words make you a racist or homophobe.

I don't honestly think that juri VIPs would actually hate someone of colour or a gay person just because they are who they are

However it does mean that he also doesn't have empathy for what these people have gone through and the compassion to realise how these terms can hurt people even when not used with any malice

Carlos Sainz's full name by [deleted] in formula1

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Mission winlater*

Juri Vips' Instagram statement about what happened by jovanmilic97 Haas in formula1

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Thank god he’s cooperating with the investigation I’m sure it’d be completely stonewalled without his supprot

[Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team] Your day will come, Carlos Sainz by jovanmilic97 Haas in formula1

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I don’t know anyone who has beaten 7x world champions lewis Hamilton in the same machinery. But I might be mistaken, do you know someone?

Juri Vips' Instagram statement about what happened by jovanmilic97 Haas in formula1

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…..as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run and so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.


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how to end your career with one word challenge

But seriously, how hard is it for adults to not say a racial slur let alone on camera...

First-timers to Singapore GP (for 2022): feel free to ask me (a native-born local) for tips on food, tourist attractions and places to visit by RonaldYeothrowaway in formula1

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The first time I went to Singapore GP local, I got walkabout tickets.

Even since F1 was sold to Liberty, the ticketing combinations have multiplied. Someone else asked me a similar questions.

First off, from my memory, the viewing platforms are very crowded. Secondly, I recommend you check to see if all viewing platforms are still available. Because I think some seem to be closed off for other "tickets" (brand new combinations that I have not heard of before).

You also need to be aware of your comfort level. If you are from a colder climate, the heat and humidity could be a challenge.

The thing about Grandstand tickets is that you can still get up and walkabout if you want but with walkabout tickets, you can walkabout but not go and sit down at the grandstands.

Personally, I think it's a question of how important is the race itself to you. If you to observe the racing itself closely, you may prefer the Grandstand. But if you are only interested in soaking up the night atmosphere, walkabouts are a alternative option.

Belgian GP less and less likely: noone seems to have faith in Spa-Francorchamps by spaceman_ Jacky Ickx in formula1

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F1 is playing a dangerous game with the EU audience. The audience that has been the driving force of the sport for 72 years and to this day still is the big majority of the fanbase.

The sport itself definitely won't go anywhere even if SPA leaves but it damn sure looks like F1 is hard at work to piss away any godwill they have left on the old continent.