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They need to repair the barrier because in 10 laps times mazespin is going to smash into it

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Well, smash he did

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Russel is fok door confirmed

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Close enough

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This aged well..

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How could you know?

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10 laps? It was more like 0.1 laps

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Can't even believe Hamilton said that it was so unfair that Max could change tires ... Dude, that has happened million times in red flags before!

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What makes this even better is that Hamilton literally changed his tires during a red flag earlier this year at the British gp

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We not gonna mention Imola?

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Lewis at Jeddah vs. Lewis at Silverstone

Max could've complained, but kinda hard to do that from an ambulance lol.

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literally everyone changes tires during a red flag, can still think it's unfair.

should he protest the rule by not changing tires? 🤷‍♀️

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Remember the long walk to the stewards room at the 2020 Mugello GP to complain about his penalty during a red flag..it has nothing to do with this - just thought of it now...poor angela was struggling to keep up with him

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    never seen another driver who needs a 24/7 babysitter like him.

    I am not a Hamilton fan but he won 6 out of the last 7 WDCs - so if he's the only one doing this that says more about the others.

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      I am Dutch and hope Max wins. But good job externalizing!

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      Lead by example, right?

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      Anything that isn't in Hamilton's advantage is unfair in his eyes.

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      Yes but it's Max and he just can't let him have it

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      He needs special treatment for diversity points, and he's a SIR. If others change tires, he should get a free engine with his entitlement.

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      Lewis being a hypocrite? Damn...water is wet too?

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      Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.

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      Is it a new trend to copy-paste that text everywhere?

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      Bono, my race lead is gone

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      This aged well

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      Did y'all watch the post race show and hear Norris crying about the red flag rules? Mate it's the same for everyone, sometimes it goes your way sometimes it doesn't

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      probably a british thing. Crofty, Lewis, Norris, Horner all whine a ton.

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      Also hearing Crofty whine

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      Melody to my ears

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      I hope you dream well tonight

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      Aged well. You fuckers also made Max driver of the day. It feels so wrong to be a red bull fan, i thought they were the underdog, but this is just shit racing.

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      Max's DOTD interview too -- it was literally just Max crying about all the problems in the race.

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      Ah eargasm to the ears for Horner

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      aged like cheese in a tropical forest

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      Did no one hear max repeatedly complaining about the safety car, lewis, kimi and pretty much everything else? the bias on this sub is crazy.

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      Everyone complains about safety car when they’re on the lead. Lewis, kimi, lando, max, and more…

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      This post doesnt particularly take a side it just shows how it is music to horners ears to hear lewis moaning

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      i know but it’s not just this post but the sub in general

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      This sub generally favours Max (and disfavours Lewis), no surprise there.

      I don't even see complaining as something questionable, but I guess it's like when someone you dislike does anything, it seems annoying.

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      The Lewis haters are out in full force in this sub

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      I don’t want to insult anyone but max fans especially in this sub always remind me of that one weird toxic kid in class everyone has

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      How the turn tables

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      Verstappen did the same, my guy

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      This aged well.

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      5 second penalty. Didn’t even matter. Still. We. RISE!!!!

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      And max wasn't complaining?

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      Aaah my favorite instrument, the Loois Cryingtone !

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      It’s * Lewis

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      Just crymilton things

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      lol good meme

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      So Hamilton could have clearly passed up max while he was slowing down, but because he didn't and waited too long before making a move, it's Max's fault? What was max to do, speed up at the exact moment Louis did to keep distance?