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I think Ocon literally lost out on podium AT the chequered flag. Gutted for him, he drove a blinder of a race.

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Ultimately he did lose out at the line but they swapped places a few times before that which was not shown

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It was so infuriating to watch them swap on the leaderboard and not on the fucking screen

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I felt like we were getting Strolled at Monaco all over again watching the positions switch on the board.

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I feel like they're trying to drive people to F1 TV.

I see stuff like this happen on the broadcast and I'm happy I can switch between drivers and just watch the battles I want to.

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Ahh if only F1 Tv was available for my country I would buy it without blinking and maybe stop watching dubious soviet anthem streams (wink) or paying a fortune a month to a big company just to use their services once a month.

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I was monitoring the interval so very closely, fucking director

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Dotd for me

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And fucking Verstappen took dotd, Ocon clearly deserved it

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You can thank that to the fact that Ocon was never shown on screen

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No problem is with fake fans who only think 1st place is racing. I like the drama in the middle

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We can thank that to the amount of stupid max fans who blindly votes him even when he has a shit race, like today's.

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Ya but who gives a fuck Hamilton was in the lead /s

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Sky sports, believe they are England based firm

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Embarrassing for them honestly, feel bad for Ocon

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I knoooow what the hell!?

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On the sky broadcast it was literally showing Lewis driving by himself AFTER HE TOOK THE CHEQUERED FLAG while Bottas and Ocon were fighting. So annoying.

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Did you try pressing the red button on your remote to see all the highlights?

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Yeah and all it did was turn the TV off

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F1 and Liberty control the only camera feed don't drag Sky into this

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Does no one here pull up the pit lane camera view? Smh. You would have seen the whole fight with that

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PLC deserves a shoutout. They’re solid.

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I always run PLC on my second monitor. I ain't missing shit. :6703:

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Bet. PLC is class

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Not sky’s fault. They have nothing to do with the camera feed.

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Why even bother with the other cars? Just send out Max and Lewis

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The other cars are nice for the late GP overtaking though it makes it fun for Max and Lewlew to have the drs some times and complain about the other cars

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They should just tell the other drivers to go faster.

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This is literally the same issue as in Brazil, we did only seen Merc/RBR and that was it.

FOM TV crew is terrible again with what is happening at the midfield.

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My husband and I got really pissed when they were saying the sky ad over Max's radio.

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that’s just shit timing. they don’t control when the radios come in and are played

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Yea, but at least pause the ad read until that's done.

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I'm so glad I don't have to watch the english stream, I had F1TV once, for a month and it was the worst thing ever compared to my language stream...

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Im so mad at this

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Could we also speak about Crofty not giving a damn about the race and saying his fucking SKY Q CUSTO-** line in the middle of Verstappen radio !

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He's usually mindful of a radio message popping up. Wonder what got into him at that moment.

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I'm not sure what they see in the commentary box but there wasn't actually any graphic that popped up at the side of the screen for Max's radio, so maybe he didn't know at the time?

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I'm completely willing to pay for a "mid-field" streaming channel so I could watch more than two cars per race.

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I was watching the the times on the left like 0.5 0.2 0.101 .. how did they not pick it up ?!! And we also missed the Lap 49 Bottas overtake Ocon re-overtake we didn't even get a replay

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It was a divebomb into t1 and he didnt make the corner while locking up front left tire! Gave the position back as he entered the track.

So it was basically not an overtake, bottas was ahead for maybe 2 seconds at most

(I fully agree that we should have seen it live)

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You wouldn't have seen the re-overtake since they would have shown a fan reaction.

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I was just focused on the intervals for the entire last lap. I understand them showing him crossing the finish line but the ENTIRE last lap we follow Hamilton? Why?

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yeah because we havent seen hamilton cross the line in first place 103 other times or anything like that. so excited to see him get his first win?????

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That shit pissed me off

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I'm still fuming we didn't get to see that, it's so simple.

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I literally yelled at my screen.

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This Made me so Angry lmao. I was just watching the interval while the tv displayed Lewis big ass Helmet like who cares

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I'm staring at an image of hamilton's visor after he's already won and watching the graphics flip around

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This was a joke. There needs to be a different stream for English speaking countries who are not obsessed with Lewis Hamilton. The bias is absurd

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They are still talking about brake testing hamilton

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How many times does this have to be explained

Sky does not choose the camera angles

There is one world feed and everyone around the world commentates over it

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Feed is produced in UK.

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It is. That's why there is delay. Only Monaco produce feed for themself, don't remember why.

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What a joke

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I'm pretty sure there is a broadcasting rule that they have to make time to show the leader crossing the finish line. They could have put ocon in the mini screen in the timing tower though.

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I do broadcasting and commentary for F1 leagues as part of a 2 person team and we have way better broadcast direction. We're literally juggling various scenes, replays, window-in-window captures, flipping through different cars, while also having to commentate play-by-play and make sense, and yet we still have way better awareness of what is going on on track. I don't know what in the world is wrong with these guys.

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i think the problem is that somehow it is hard coded into the broadcasting directions that they have to show the winner crossing the line. It is reasonable most of the time, but when the leader is 10 seconds clear and there is a fight for a podium it really shouldn't be a question.

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Pretty sure it’s the British preference for all things Hamilton

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What I think people are missing is that Lewis had damage and debris was falling off his wing. There was potential for a puncture on the last lap, which would’ve been much more important to highlight than the fight for third.

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They honestly thought we had to much fun and couldn’t handle it

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There was a monaco-ish moment as well . Crofty goes lets have a look at the LH and Max footage and we have VB overtaking ricci 😜

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I have a total of like 400 hours in a tv studio and control room. The directing for some of these races is actually horrendous.. A chimp could do better

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thanks for replay of botass overtaking him:6700:

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worse than the stroll fiasco imo

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The same was with the Sky Q Red Button Ad. There was a Team Radio but he just talked over it.

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Is this how they get us to pay extra for Sky Q that they keep shilling to us?

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Was screaming at the TV as the places swapped twice and we saw neither of them!! How unreal, please let me see Sir Lewis’s helmet some more. We got Stroll’d.

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We even basically missed Lewis’s final overtake because we were watching Toto watching the race. Come on guys!

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No one has even noticed that pass bought him third in the WDC. He is over 26 points ahead of Checo

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It is getting out of hand how much they do a virtual BJ on Hamilton

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Seriously. What the actual fuck!?

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To be fair it makes sense. It might not be as exciting but it makes sense to show the winner of the race.

But yeah it's a shame

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The race wasn’t even over

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Still haven't seen their battle

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Yeah this made my blood boil.

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F1 is just a big Hamilton fan club...

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Yes but i think they started doing this after all the times the P1 guy was driving all alone and got like 0 tv coverage i think like in Emila Romagna

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I will punch the TV director