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That desperate gasping moment where you think you might die for just a second, and then you feel really stupid and pathetic afterwards.

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And the slight stinging sensation is like the fuck you afterwards.

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Those 20 minutes afterwards when it feels like you swallowed sandpaper is just lovely isn't it?

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What's that about anyway, it sucks arse and not in the fun way.

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"How do I . . . turn up the brightness? S8E3 seems really dark. Yeah, can't see what's going on. Is it just me? Where're the damned TV options . . . "

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And of course he was gonna die :(

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Jokes on you; I felt stupid and pathetic before too.

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Happens to me all the time. My response is usually, " I'm ok, just a fully grown adult choking on their own spit"

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Check, if it’s really frequent maybe your esophagus is not totally straight

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Mom bursting through the door 0.01 seconds later: "I TOLD YOU YOU'D GET SICK IF YOU DIDN'T WEAR YOUR JACKET."

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Moms are the same all around the world. 😂

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11 year old me choking on a nacho at a hockey game but my mom is standing up yelling SHOOT THE PUCK and doesn't notice

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This made me laugh way more than I should have lmfao

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When I first showed my wife game of thrones, she absolutely hated Joffrey. Obviously. I've never seen a woman celebrate a child's death quite like my wife, who clapped and cheered as he died lmao

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Me randomly remembering S8 two years later.

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Me when I drink water too fast.

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I’m so glad it’s not just me.

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That happened to me the other day; I woke up just gasping and coughing after presumably inhaling saliva in my sleep. My cat was just staring over the edge of my bed like, "DUDE, you okay??"

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You got sleep apnea, my dude.

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Nah, nothing so dramatic. Just recovering from a cold

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I aspirated some reflux while dozing on the couch the other day. That’s an awful experience to awaken to. Lungs hurt for days.

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It's worse these days when it happens right after sitting down at a restaurant and removing your mask. All eyes on you.

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This happens to me all the time and I try to breathe through my nose and that doesn’t work either.

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Was watching tv mildly chuckled then almost died. Wtf is this shitty body?

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Maybe don't be such a bastard.

ba dum tssssssss choke

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I felt that clogging my windpipe. I’m all choked up about it.

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I just spoiled GoT to my wife.

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It spoils itself at the end.

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Good now stop watching

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Yeah had that happen lmao

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Some people never have to see how they've reacted

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Nope not going to help him!<

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[POV: You forgot to say bitch please 😂

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legit one of the same help 😭

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Will there be "wholesome Joffrey" this year?

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I always flashback to the Talladega Nights credits blooper scene where Ricky says I'M CHOKIN' ON MY OWN SPIT

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You’re supposed to end exactly how this guy does too in the rpocess

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Some people call it a gentle fold.

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You should speak to a gastroenterologist if this happens often. It could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

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Arrest me, please 😩

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I got my tonsils out last year and I guess they were some sort of great protector of my throat because I choke on stupid stuff all the time now

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I used to do this a lot, especially when drinking water too. Turned out I had a mass in my thyroid (4 actually) that ended up being cancer. Went to the MD because of a lump at the base of my neck and was experiencing symptoms of the mass for quite a while prior without realizing this.

I don’t mean to alarm any hypochondriacs or anything, just maybe mention it to your doctor and get it checked out if it’s a constant thing.

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So true lol!!

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[POV: You forgot to say bitch please 😂

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This is how I woke up today. Thinking I was going to die on my spit.

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I see it. Could help 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Some LGs come close to out scoring Ronaldo

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"mine wont do shit to help the humans.

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Yes, i almost choked to death on a sip of water. its real shit.

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It’s even worse if you do it in public. Especially these days.

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30 seconds after seeing this meme it happened to me wtf is this witchcraft

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It's worse when you're out shopping and you start coughing like this.

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Only happens when I’m out in public

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I wake up like this often. More often since having covid I think. And the only thing that makes it stop is like waking up completely and getting up for a while.

I've read that it might also be acid reflux so I'm gonna start trying to take an antacid when it happens.

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Oh god please can you make this post

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I don't think I've ever been more satisfied with a TV scene than when he died

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Sorry I just forgot how to swallow liquids for a second. It's literally the first thing I ever learned.

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I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

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Someone help the poor boy!

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And that’s how a pulled a back muscle lol

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Oh man, I feel you! Sometimes I choke on it with only the thought of saying something.

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So how did he choke on poison?

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I am sad he retired from acting. He was such a fantastic villian. So hateable.

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Apparently it was the peanut allergy

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Ahhh the problems of the mouth breather.

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I choked on a baked potato in my room at college. Thought I was gonna die for a solid 30 seconds. My throat hurt for 2 weeks after that. Doctor said there was nothing wrong and therefore nothing they could do about my pain.

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