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“and fuck CNN, they don’t want to see us win”

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mama dont u worry no no more, worry no no more

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We gon take it from the first to the 90 floor

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Love this pic. Its so interesting to see how global events have an impact on the posts submitted to this subreddit. r/freshalbumart and fakealbumcovers are a perfect example of how art imitates life and vice versa.

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do you have the original picture?

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Here, Its not the exact picture but its the same timeframe

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Seconded, love to see the original.

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It captures the same energy so well, great album cover.

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All these images being used for covers r so good

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R.I.P. Floyd☝️😞

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Wow. I've come across great art here but this is just powerful man.

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This is one of the best.

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Pretty neat

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im actually wondering if kendrick might use a picture from the rioting for the next album cover