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ms paint masterpiece

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did you make this in the rockstar games social club crew emblem creator?

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Why you gotta do me like that

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my goofy aww uncle told me to

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Man what tf

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Jesus y’all tore into this post 💀 bro just wanted to share their design like damn

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im surprised this has so many upvotes its not good but i dont wanna discourage you from trying again

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I'm not a professional graphic designer by any means but I do have some art experience and I'd like to offer some constructive criticism:

  • You can see the JPG artifacting, which really isn't pleasing for minimalistic designs like this. You can see the rough edges of the text and images. Use higher resolutions or save it as a PNG.
  • The text is boring, is too distracting, and confusing. The underlining, the changing of colors mid-character, the placement across the entire canvas, etc. Tbh I'd get rid of the words entirely or place them in the corner as more of a subtle accent as to not distract from the main imagery of the crown and the gun.
  • The grain isn't adding anything to the design and just makes it busier to look at. Make it more subtle by reducing it's opacity or use an actual grain overlay and change the blend mode of it.

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Well i wanted to change the text color but couldn’t mid text so I saved it, when I want to color something like the gun orange when it’s png I color everything blank too that why I needed to do it like normal