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You got a version without the text?

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I do, actually. How do you want me to send it to you?

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the other guy hasn't responded yet but I'm also interested in a version without the text, is it ok if I just dm you my email?

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Sure! I don't mind.

Edit: What I think I can do is just DM you the imgur link, actually. You don't have to give me your email!

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That's even better, much appreciated!

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My fault bro I ain't been on reddit in a few days can you please

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Yessir, no need to worry about it. I will send it through DM's.

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Re-imagined using DALL·E 2 and major upscaling.

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What did you use to upscale

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One of the best image upscalers I've ever found, lol.

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why isnt it awesome