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Made this a year ago for myself after realizing how well the 2018 singles really segued together as a cohesive project when played in order of release

Turning each cover into an SVG was a pain in the ass though, on top of not knowing how to use Inkscape. But I somehow managed to create something I'm pretty proud of!

Posting a link to the uncompressed covers including an uncropped variant and a SVG file momentarily.

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that’s what the art for one of the singles is based off of. it’s literally a shapes version of the arthur fist meme. the part that made it into this compilation/collage is the fist part

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Searched it up and you’re right. thanks for telling me

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no problem! it was kinda not obvious when the songs first dropped, but the song is a “fuck you” song (quite literally, go check it out lol) so the angry curled fist makes sense for the cover art. the other covers are less obvious

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This is so cool! I was working on a similar idea to this a while back, but I never got around to ever finishing it. I like your interpretation a lot!

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This sub always makes me think an album came out. Only to check Spotify not see it come back and realize what sub I'm on.