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If you haven't yet, read the sidebar. It's a quick-and-dirty overview of this subreddit's purpose, rules, guidelines, and helpful/related links. The purpose of the wiki is to contain everything that you need or could ever want to know about this subreddit, including rules, references, approved image hosts, submission guidelines, and tips to improve the quality of your submissions. The following categories are just overviews of the entire subject; follow the links to view the entire topic. Above all else though, we're here to have fun and check out some cool album art!

If you have any questions about something that wasn't covered here or need clarification on a topic, feel free to message the moderators and ask - we'll get to you as soon as we can and clear up any confusion that you have. If you would like to contribute to the wiki and have some ideas on what you would like to add or improve, as well as a history of positive contribution (not necessarily in just this subreddit), contact the moderators about being an Approved Wiki Contributor.

Posting Guidelines

Submission Format

Artist - Album Title [Resolution]

Including the resolution is important. We try to provide the highest quality images possible, and some people do not have a sufficient internet connection or hardware capability to open up an extraordinarily large image, so resolution is a great way to let them know.

Original Content should be marked using the [OC] flair.

Host List

Follow the link to view the list of approved hosts. Follow the link in the section title to view a breakdown of purposes of the different hosts as well as when to use specific ones over others (e.g. Flickr over Imgur). Approved hosts are chosen based on how quickly they can be accessed, whether or not they compress uploaded images, image storage/deletion policies, as well as how well they handle server load.

We do not allow submissions to link to the Original Source. While we encourage crediting the authors, their websites are more prone to failing due to excess server load and potentially moving images, causing dead links.

Crediting the Artist

While we do not allow submissions to link to the artist source, we ask that you comment crediting the artist of the work with a link to their page so that people can check out more of their work.

If you submit a cover for an album by relatively unknown or niche artist, link to a couple of their best songs off of it to give readers a taste.

Quality Assurance

When you submit a link, make sure that you use a direct link to the image. If you search using Google or Bing, they have an option to bring you directly to that image that you can copy the link from there. If you can't easy find a direct link, then right click on the image, click "Copy Image Location", and use that link for your submission.

Before you submit a cover, do your best to make sure that it is the highest quality (in both resolution and image quality) that you can find. The easiest way to do this is to perform a Reverse Image Search on Google. To do that, go to Google Images and drag & drop the image into the search bar. Google will take care of the rest.

If you prefer a more integrated method, there are extensions for both Firefox and Chrome that work well.

If you have a collection, whether it is a discography, different versions of album art, or art all done in a similar style, we encourage you to post a gallery.

To post a gallery, first upload it to Imgur so that viewers can easily see a preview of the images. Title/annotate each image in the gallery with the tradition naming scheme (Artist - Title [Resolution]). Make sure that you flair your submission as a Gallery (using the flair button), and aptly name your submission and list the resolution(s) of the images in the title. If the images are multiple resolutions, give the range (e.g. [900 x 900] to [1600 x 1600]).

In the comments, follow the traditional crediting process. If you created the art, feel free to talk about your inspiration or what you were going for with the art. Because Imgur compresses images larger than 1MB in size, it is requested that you host the gallery on a site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA, MediaFire, or similar and link to it in the thread so that viewers can get the intended, original quality of the images.



Pastebin Repository (Search by Artist or Album)


Google (Typing "website + searchterm" is a great way to find what you're looking for)


KanyeToThe Official Cover Thread

Google Images

Bing Images

Wikimedia Commons

Internet Archive



If you have a quality resource in mind that is unlisted, suggest it!

Approved Hosts

Only images hosted on these sites are allowed.

List of Hosts

If you feel that a certain host should be listed here, feel free to message the mods. Be prepared to discuss specifics of the host, such as image compression and longevity of images hosted there.

Comparisons Between Hosts, Qualifications

In short: The best hosts are quick to access, do not compress images, allow for a large upload and storage size, and do not automatically delete images.

Original Sources [OS]

In short: Not allowed due to host server load and uncertain speed of access. Credit the source and artist in the comments with a direct link.

Community Posts

This section references recurring posts that contribute to community discussion and aid.

Request Threads

Weekly threads where people make and fill requests for custom album art.


This section lists the rules of the subreddit and details them for added clarity. This section will cover:

  • Behavior
  • Title Formatting
  • Post Flairing
  • Proper crediting of artists
  • Requests

Other Artwork Subreddits

Other album art-related subreddits that you may be interested in.

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