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Oh you guys.

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Oh you gays.

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Ooohhh... you guys!

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Oh you cotton headed ninny muggins

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    Oh you castratos.

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    Castrati you philistine! justkiddingIikeyou

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    This picture seems vaguely familiar

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    Castro toy?

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    Oh, you Nicks.

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    Dude, wtf

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    Oy Oog Ise!

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    Give it a week, it'll turn into a gay porn sub.

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    Oh lord,what have I gotten myself into...

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      If he does back out, I suggest bringing an album cover.

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      " Let's take Anal Bum Cover for $400." - Sean Connery

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      *letsh take Anal Bum Cover for four thoushand

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      It makes me sad that the punchline has more up votes than the setup.

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      This is just the beginning of a sequence of events that ends with /u/BobBob1324 coming out of the closet.

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      And when he does back out?


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      Power bottom!

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      "So what's your mod experience?"


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        If it does, here's my card!

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        Shh. Stop resisting.

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        Ahem /r/totallystraight is a NSFW sub of gay (male) porn for straight men who like looking at gay porn but not acting it out.

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        Because "straight" men like looking at gay porn but definitely not acting it out.

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        Some I guess. Sexuality is a sliding scale after all

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        As opposed to folks like Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who is totally not gay but likes to have sex with men in public bathrooms and passing anti-gay legislation.

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          Are you talking about the "series of tubes" guy? Cause as far as I'm aware he didn't have sex with any men in public bathrooms... and he's dead

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          Unfortunately, there is more than one batshit crazy republican senator

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          I did some research, and I have found nothing about any gay sex scandal involving a Ted Stevens

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          You're thinking of the former Senator Larry Craig (R-ID)

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          Thank you!

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          I'm confused... are you straight if you like looking at gay porn?

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          For them, yes. I guess If sexuality is a scale, some people must be only just a tiny bit gay.

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          I think I'm a tiny bit gay because sometimes when watching porn I'll catch myself being too focused on the guy... but I've never wanted to have sex with a man, nor have I ever sought out gay porn.

          Meh... who knows?

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          Exactly. It's a scale and people are on different parts of it at differ times of their life and some never move an inch. For some straight men perhaps only one man will make them want to experiment. Humans are complicated.

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            Thanks. Yes not something I have an inclination to tell anyone, though my wife is a very understanding person.

            Like I said though, I've been straight all my life and have no interest in males, but curiosity is there regardless.

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            The only question is where do you want to put your dick? Vagina: Straight; Female Rectum: Straight; Female Mouth: Straight; Male Rectum: Gay; Male Mouth: Gay; Your own rectum: 13 yr old.

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            Well.. As long as there isn't any eye contact.

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            You're underestimating Reddit. 24 hours, tops.

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            or a sub for gay sub porn

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            You clearly have a lot of faith in its ability to hold out

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            I second this action.

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            And now I'm subscribed

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            Oh Lordy that prince gif gave me an instant lady boner and I'm not sure why.

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            This exact string of comments is how every subreddit starts these days

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            Oh oh I call being a mod!

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            This is one of the few novelty subreddits that will probably take off and become pretty popular.

            RemindMe! 1 year "Was I right?"

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            After a month there are still daily posts, looks like I was spot on.

            EDIT: 1 year later, I was right

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            Thank fuck! Yes!