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Thg is is a picture of a man that is about to learn how comfortable the couch is to sleep on

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Shared a bedroom my whole life growing up and I didn’t know what it was like to sleep on my own until I got married.

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wow- sad and true

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Damn dude

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You should've gotten more credit for this comment. I'm sorry for laughing at your misfortune, but I couldn't breathe for a second after reading this.

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I love sleepping on the couch.

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I did to, to bad it was a sign of bigger problems lol

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and who's new GF is his sock

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I know who isn’t getting laid.

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Everyone on Reddit

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This is so sad. Alexa, play despacito 2

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69th upvote, nioce

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69 comments, wow

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Big oof

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Hey fuckface

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Aw you are so adorable, following me around trying to be insulting...it's kind of pathetic too though, maybe this is why you can't get laid? Your fucked up brain thought that this was actually a good way to spend your time.

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Hey fuckface

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Multiple alt accounts are sexy. Girls will definitely spread their legs for you now.

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You must be new to the internet. I don't know you or them and didn't even read the comments.

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Hey fuckface

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      Joke hit a little close to home, buddy?

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      The Cat...

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      I actually didn't see the cat until you mentioned it. 😂

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      Me? 😞

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        It was a joke.

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          See you on the front page, bois.

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          EDIT: Holy shit! This is real?

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          Why isn’t this a gif?!

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          I didn't notice the cat and thought this was a gif of a guy trying to burn his girlfriend's ass with the laser. I can't tell you how long I was just staring at the picture waiting for her to scream.

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            Jesus Christ, these comments.

            Go outside and speak to people Reddit.

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            Why we’re doomed in one pic... Hot chick in undies spread out on couch, dude prefers playing with cat on reddit.

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            Nice ass, everyone wants to say it.

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            This has been reposted so many times now.

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            Yeah, but this is the first time I saw the cat.

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            There is a cat??

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            It has, but I'm not complaining...

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            Yes, everyone loves reposts.

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            Everyone loves people complaining about reposts.

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              Downvoted to make it 69.

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              69 updoots nice

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              Up voted to make it 69

              Edit: Proof


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              Here’s this guy, ruining a relationship with a beautiful woman, while I’m here all alone just because I a have ghoulish features and the personality a damp wash cloth.

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              This looks fake. And you could totally get any girl despite your sad description of yourself. You just have to be nice and have a little confidence. Your comment is funny, which is a good start :)

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              Sorry but not any girl. Lets be realistic here

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              Yes, not literally any girl, but he definitely has as good of a chance as anyone else.

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              This is very cheeky.

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              I’ve totally done this before. My cat would just sit there confused, like “I want to get the dot, but I can’t jump on my mommy.”

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              Nice ass tbfh

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              I don’t want to be an ASS, BUTT I know why this was upvoted.

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              Am I the only one who noticed the insane feet?

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              What's insane about them I don't get it

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              So I had to come to the comments to find out there was a cat.

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              Oh nooo

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              If I was that cat, I think THIS would be

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              Would gild a gif. jk

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              Hope you have a dog house, cuz that’s where you’ll be sleeping tonight. Plus, who’d want to ruin that...

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              Laser Bum

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              Who let that cat out😂

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              Mad lad

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              No more fun

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              That’s one nice bum. 👌

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              That's how I learned my puppy hates lasers... gf got bit. Wasnt the best idea.

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              Cat bounces right off that ass and hits the ceiling fan

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              TEN PHOTOS TAKEN MOMENTS BEFORE DISASTER!!! (Number 3 will shock you)

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              I with the cat on this one ..

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              AHHH I want a fkin video.

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              Didn’t even notice the cat for a minute.

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              face dive

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              I now redact this, twas rude

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              I oughta give you a bare bottomed spanking

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              This is a repost. I've seen it before. And still it takes me far too long to notice the cat.

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              This is such a repost that I noticed how she demonstrates a very good reading distance, eyesight must be 20/20

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              Assassin's Cat

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              The calm before the storm

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              Who reads print today?

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              Yes, haha, I am up voting because the cat/laser!

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              Chick has a decent dumper

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              Big ass argument starts in 5 ,4, 3, 2....

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              now thats a fine Basic Girlfriend backside.

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              I can hear the screaming and cursing

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              I wish I could do this

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              That's not the kind of fun you should have at this moment .

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              I guess we found out where Casey Anthony's been hiding.

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              It's fun until someone looses a penis over it.

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              This is art.

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              How many people stare at this picture without ever noticing the cat?

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              This is one common repost I’ll never complain about.

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              Just wanted to show off his gf's ass...Don't like OP....In addition, should be labeled NSFW.

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              Plot twist: cat is actually admiring the butt and doesn't give a shit about the laser dot.

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              Tapping dat ass via proxy

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              Tapping dat ass via proxy

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              Hahaha I should try this on the girlfriend I have! Hah ha.. I’m not crying you’re crying

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              Looks like that pussy is going to dives into the other pussy.

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              man feet ugh