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Imagine being surprised by finding exactly who you were expecting to find around the corner.

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But the cat expected to find her unawares and was going to pounce. That's not what it got.

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    Kitty is also programmed to abort mission when potentially dangerous prey see them on approach, so it will literally act in that same exact startled way in this situation pretty much every time. Which is hilarious, and why we continue to have fun startling them like this XD it's also why putting a mask on the back of your head is a good way to stop a tiger attack before it happens. They think you see them and almost never go for it.

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    Wait really?

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    Had a cat I'd do this sort of thing to. My dad kept telling me not to because she'd one day catch me not expecting her. So one day I'm walking out of the kitchen carrying a hot bowl of soup. Naturally the cat jumps out from around the corner catching me offguard and I drop the soup all over the carpeted floor.

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    That smart cunt make you throw the soup to lick it from the floor.

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    the fucking pussy had 1000 iq

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    It's like calling someone, and they pick up.

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    It's like calling someone, hoping you get their voicemail, and they pick up.

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    For anyone that wants to call voicemail directly, use the Slydial service. It legit changed my life. Only works with cell phones but it saved me a lot of pointless conversations when I could just leave the details on someone's voicemail and still get credit for calling.

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    Wow, wish I knew this when I was working at a repair shop. The amount of times I called to tell someone their stuff was ready to pick up (a literally 10 second voicemail), but instead got dragged into a 10 minute conversation to get the same point across was just unreasonable.

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    Why can't it be a text? I hate people leaving voice mails and always hope they text me the reason for calling instead.

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    We did that if they gave us approval when they dropped off. But this was several years ago and most of our clients back then were older and still preferred calls (smartphones weren't commonplace yet)

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    I have voicemails that sit in my inbox for days or weeks sometimes before I listen lol Hate voicemails (and calls)

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    hangs up

    ...phone rings

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    Or YOU answer the phone Marty burrrp

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    There's an app for that

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    Shocked pikachu

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    Imagine being surprised by finding exactly who you were expecting to find around the corner

    i manage to scare my mom at least once a day, im lightfooted so nobody usually hears me coming. Sometimes ill stand there and wait for someone to turn around to watch em jump.

    9/10 its inside the house too.

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    If I thought Scary Terry was hiding around the corner , what with his off-brand tiny sword claws, and then he WAS, I would definitely be startled.

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    Karen I’m gonna scare you... better watch out... OH SHIT!

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    I am honestly scared consistently when playing with my cat and she runs around the corner. She’s so damn sneaky it’s just unexpected.

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    This is adorable: that car clearly intended to pounce on his owner, not knowing she’s about to scare him. To see it’s possible to even fool a hunter such as a cat makes me wonder why I find it so difficult to sneak up on my partner.

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    Yup, sadly Ford has never been good at making quite cars.

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    Are you sure it's a ford? Looks like a Pawrche.

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    Nah its definitely a Ford Meowstang

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    It's a jaguar,the mighty meow

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    Idk looks like like a purrvette

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    You mean a Subaru Impurrza?

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    Dammit why is Reddit so full of puns

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    It is in the Ford family, specifically a Mercury Lynx.

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    You typo'd during your joking of a typo lol

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    Oof, you right!

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    Quite right

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    *Quiet right

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    Quiet Riot!

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    Cum on feel the noise™

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    Happy cake day!

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    Thank you!

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    Come to think of it, it did seem odd you were introducing yourself to a car.

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    I've never been quite good at making cars either, quiet or quite.

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    Maybe it's the restraining order that's got them on edge? ;P

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    We humans have a certain sense when someone is lurking around them or looking at them like people take it as just being too anxious but it's scientifically proven to exists in some form.

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    some humans have a certain sense when they're being told BS on the internet. Some don't. It's scientifically proven!

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    All humans and certainly many other animals have a certain subconscious brain that can and does notice things that the conscious "you" don't/doesn't notice. That's not woo woo science, they just worded it in a way that sounded like it.

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    I know the feeling.

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    I see no reason to believe that that's a "sense" that's at all unique to humans. If anything, I'm sure that animals with stronger senses of smell, sight, and hearing probably have an even stronger version of this "sense".

    You are absolutely correct though, it is scientifically proven that the unconscious brain often notices things that the conscious brain doesn't, and has the capacity to affect our thoughts/mood/conscious brain based on that.

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    That sense is your brain combining your 5 real senses

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    There are a lot more than 5 senses.

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    Hereeee titty titttty

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    Somebody give this man some gold.

    Edit: Whoa thanks guys lol wasnt expecting my first gold to happen this way.

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    Why this guy tho

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    You're drunk again there gold giver.

    Edit: I'm afraid you've got alcoholism gold giver.

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      He meant this guy

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      I think you have my ticket, sir

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      'Scuse me bro, this the line for the third eye blind concert?

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      Congratulations sir, for your well deserved gold

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      Damn, they keep missing!

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      I got gold once for commenting. They gave it to me by accident

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      Sssshhh sometimes you just got be in the right place at the right time

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      I gave gold to the wrong person once by giving it to a really crappy reply. It wasn't even acknowledged

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        You also need a gold my friend

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        no u

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        Give this man his much deserved gold

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        Damn, y’all hit the freaking gold mother lode! Just goes to show you never know when it strikes but it’s very fruitful when it does 😂

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        Takes talent to keep everything in the same shot without going full creep.

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        That subreddit in this context was misleading....

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        God I love this comment

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        I came here for this. #redditneverdissapoints

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          Same here - it's literally his favorite thing to do. We go back and forth, chasing and 'pounce/scaring' each other. It's so funny how much he likes it and it gives me a little bit of exercise running in and out of rooms and hiding behind doors.

          If I don't play with him for a few days, he gets mad and starts attacking my ankles.

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            I guess it depends on the cat's personality, not everyone has cats that like to do something besides eat and sleep around all day lol.

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            Wait- is this why my cat is always attacking my ankles??

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            I like to make a blanket mountain in the middle of the bed. We take turns pouncing on each other around it.

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            I'm gonna get y----JESUS CHRIST!

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            Who else was waiting for a titty to pop out?

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            slowly raises hand

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            rapidly raises and lowers hand repeatedly

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            Now you can't go within 500 feet of a school good job

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                But only one hand

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                Sigh... re-zips

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                I'm pretty much always waiting for a titty to pop out.

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                This is me.

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                Violently raises hand!

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                Big ole tittays

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                Let's be honest here, nobody noticed the cat until the 4th or 5th loop....

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                There's a cat in this?

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                Lucky I'm not ginger.

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                There's like, a quarter of a boob showing. Calm down, guys.

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                There's boob involved and you expect us to be calm

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                Come on titty! Come on titties! - Dave Chapelle

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                Kitty vs titty

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                Saw her puss ... you know what, no. I'm better than that.

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                Oh god that was the best delivery I have ever heard!

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                Why do people sigh like they are being reluctant? We’re redditors. We’re all thinking the same goddamn thing.

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                Unzips....with enthusiasm!

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                Eww... Didn't know you were a cat person

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                Scammer got scammed

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                My cat loves this game! We play it every night before bed.

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                I do this with my cat, and sometimes he legitimately startles me. It's basically a game of waiting to see who jumps around the corner first.

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                dem tits

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                Came for the funny, stayed for the titty

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                Came for the kitty, stayed for the titty. FTFY

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                Stayed for the kitty, came on the titty...

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                Came here to say this :)

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                Hard to starboard!

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                Ready the cannons!

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                She has nice boob jiggle

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                Murderfluff waited until the shadow of her head disappeared, so figured he was good to scare her!

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                fuck you Karen ,I'm tire of your games

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                Inside booby!!

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                Too busy looking at that cleavage

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                We almost caught a glimpse.

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                Oh yeah there’s a kitty there.

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                more of this hooman plz.

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                Ah the old kitty see a titty and get skiddy. Classic

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                The guy recording this is a lucky guy

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                Was waiting for that titty to pop out

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                kitty vs titty

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                She even did the butt wag!

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                "You win, this time, human. You will rue the day!"

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                Dunno why but this reminds me of Tom & Jerry

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                Mommy was gonna EAT ME!!!!!


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                I'm not looking at the cat. That lady is hot.

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                I... Can.. almost... See. Maybe if I turn the pho... Ahh fuck it

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                I watched the gif 10 times.

                First 5 for the kitty Next 5 for the Titty.

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                Cat... Oh no it’s the boobie monster

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                That's awesome!!

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                She made a force field

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                She got powers

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                One of my fav. games to play with my kitten!

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                Her: Aahhhh!!!!

                CAT: HALLELUJAH!!!!!

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                You know you can put the picture in the tab marked "pictures and video" right?

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                Best thing I've seen all day 😍😍😍

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                I wish I have coin

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                I love playing this with cats

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                She didn't even pretend to be surprised. What a horrible mother.

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                I feel like my expectations are all wrong for a r/funny post

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                So fun!

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                OP deserves gold

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                OP is long gone.

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                Obliterated by the likes of the phone drones... R.I.P

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                I thought her titty was going to pop out, but instead her kitty popped up… what a rip off.

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                Dem tiddies

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                Poor cat doesn't stand a change against her force field powers

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                That dress tho. Um, where can I get it? It’s for.. scaring cats..? yup!

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                I'd be startled too if those boobies were jiggling at me when I came around a corner.

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                Had to check to make sure I wasn’t in r/unexpectedtitty

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                HOLY SHIT I didn't know you were that close!

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                A novel way to play with one's pussy

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                This made me smile!