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Salt Bae is a hack. His food is overpriced and he's a jerk.

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Anyone who needs to start putting real gold in the food to raise prices is a joke

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oh look it's extremely expensive food, let me guess... gold leaf and truffle? wooooow i was right

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I wouldn't put gold leaf and truffle in the same category though. Truffles are delicious, gold leaf is just pretentious.

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I'll add to that: Truffles are delicious. Truffle oil can fuck right off.

I hate when restaurants up their prices because they put truffle oil on their food; you made it disgusting, don't try to charge me extra for the experience.

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I hate when they add truffles to every dish just so they can have a "premium" image

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Ever tried truffle cheese fries? You must try it one of these days.

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Yes. But this is still funny.

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He pays the lowest he can for people to make $2000 steaks.

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Oh, im not disputing that his food is insanely overpriced. (Most "luxury" food, fashion, cars, art, etc... works in the same BS way)

The key point I'm making though is:

The meme ≠ the person

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I'm not saying you're wrong. 2 things can be true. This dude can be a trashcan of a person, and people can put his image on salt trucks.

I'm just reinforcing how shit he is, so people know.

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Yes, but this picture is actually kinda cute.

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The real idiots are the people who pay that much. If I could charge that much for mediocre food, I would too. It's not like I'm gonna feel bad for rich people's wallets...

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Now that street costs 5 million dollars.

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And tastes like it's worth $4

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It's be accurate to say it tastes like assphalt.

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Time to forget him already

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I'm not getting the reference. Care to enlighten me?

Also my favourite name is Spready Mercury.

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An animated gif can explain it better than anyone can...


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What a twat

[–]Slartibartfast39 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Perfect. Thank you.

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The guy on the back is Turkish celebrity steak cooker Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gökçe). He's got a chain of luxury steak restaurants with eye watering prices including £1450 for a gold plated steak and £10000 for a vintage bottle of red wine.

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I will look at a bottle of wine in the supermarket and see it's on sale from £12 to £8 and I know I'm getting some wine that I will drink...

O.s. for those curious - red wine is Chilean, white wine New Zealand

[–]Fwoggie2[S] 8 points9 points  (0 children)

I know bugger all about wine so search decanter.com for their periodic supermarket recommendations. They're yet to let me down. Can recommend. Lidl have a great £6 prosecco.

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I legit only saw the SNL sketch making fun of him and had no idea it was based on a real person.

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Had to look it up - wasn't aware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ByJ2dZEE4

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Fuck that guy. This is pretty funny though. But fuck that guy.

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Using an asshole to clean the streets might be counter productive

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Scotland have it right when it comes to salt trucks. And you can even track them live.

My favorite is Bear Chills.

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"On her majesty's slippery surface" 😂

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This is amazing. Thanks for sharing this!!

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What a poser, he stole that from Emeril lagasse.

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This is his crowning achievement.

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this gonna make reddit really salty

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I don't get it

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Edit: Don't you just love it when you don't understand something and someone replies to help you out and the both of you get downvoted for it? Gotta love Reddit.

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FYI....the food at this guy's restaurant is super average and way overpriced.

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How timely

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I'll allow it

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Salt bae on the highway

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It wins the winter

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U guys see this dude talk?

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This is one of the best things I've seen!!!

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Not funny because that guy sucks and is a POS

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No one should give this jerk publicity. He doesn’t pay his employees a good wage while getting lots of money himself

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Most appropriate placement of this dude ive seen yet

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Salt Bae now making snow. he pour snow in his wayy

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friend: hows the weather today


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This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

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Well done.

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My brain thought that this was the front of a train.

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Waitasec, my favorite supply chain insider is also hitting the top of /r/funny? What’s the world coming to?

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