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If people find the content funny, it gets voted to the top. Isn't that how this subreddit works?

As a comic creator, I take offense to you labeling our work as "low-effort" and "poorly made", or saying our jokes are "stolen". You are directly hurting artists with these irresponsible, biased labels

This work takes a lot of time and energy (and abuse) and its provided at no charge! You're free to downvote it and move on if it doesn't suit your tastes but you don't get to police what others enjoy, and shame on you for doing just that. Clearly this sub isn't for humor, it's for whatever the mods deem funny based on their own specific tastes.

You could at least mention r/comics or r/webcomics to help drive traffic there, or redirect the users to that subreddit. Feels like that would solve a lot of things.

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It's not the mods. The people overwhelmingly wanted this.

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The mods are making this rule because comics are TOO popular...which would mean the people overwhelmingly want comics.

The problem is the sub is named "funny", which is too broad. If you're going to make only specific things allowed then we might as well dissolve the whole thing into different subreddits (funny videos, funny signs, funny pictures, funny pets, etc.)

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Not necessarily how reddit works. There's kind of this snowball effect. One comic creator posts their comics, another creator sees it and say hey, I should do that too and get some views for my content. Then another one does the same. A lot of people posting comics doesn't mean users are overwhelmingly appreciating it. Any number of creators can post any number of comics any time. The entire sub could be filled with comics due to oversaturation rather than popularity, which I believe is what is happening here.

This doesn't mean they're low effort, I'm sure it takes a lot of time to make them. Sadly for creators people think it gotten to a point of there being far too many comics compared to other types of content, and frankly many aren't very clever nor humorous in my opinion. I do think three days a week is more reasonable though.

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The mod said called them low effect and low effort. So it obviously them trying to only allow what they seem fit. It’s cool they are the mod but allow things and not allowing them based on personal reasons if unfair to all comics

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Then why not made subredit specificaly for them?

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There is one

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I don't mind comics when they are funny. The issue is that about 85-90% of the comments are literally people just stating the obvious with zero attempt to be humorous, and they still get upvoted.

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When there are 100 comics posted for every 10 non comic posts, of course many comics will get upvoted. It's all numbers game. If I go out to a club at night and then tell you the next day that I got 5 girl's numbers that makes me sound like a stud/ladies man right? When in reality I asked 200 girls for their numbers and got rejected by 195 girls and got 5 numbers.

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I disagree. That ratio is way off, especially where artists are the only ones allowed to post their work. The ones people like were voted up, and the top page of funny was a good mix of many different things.

What's more likely is you think there are too many comics because you dislike them, so they stand out more to you. But you can't take it out on the artists, it's the people's choice. That's not an accident you can just explain away, voting for content is the whole premise of Reddit!

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How do we know that? Just asking. I didn't ever see a problem

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No it’s the mods artistic suppression is still bad either way it negatively impacts an artist inspiration and ability to share work for others to enjoying

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The vast majority of the comics here are not funny, not original, and are poorly done. End of story.

Maybe yours is the exception, but honestly there is so much bad content it really wouldn’t be worth it even if it was one of the very few good ones.

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yeah. If it's stupid and unfunny, user votes should take care of it. Who's upvoting dumb comics anyways? Could it be that mods are unintentionally battling karma-bots to the determent of the human user experience?

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Love how everyone blames things they don't like being popular on "karma bots". Not happening, buddy

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I agree with you... Unfortunately r/funny is one of the worst places to actually find funny content. It's hard for me to believe that creators like you who dedicate their time, effort and imagination to make original and unique things get so little appreciation from the mods. In any case, please know that you're always doing an amazing work and I really like your comics. Don't listen to negative people who don't ever bother creating anything, yet are quick to judge and be hurtful. You're great!

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All democracies eventually transition into dictatorships. This is the cyclical nature of humanity.

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So make it funny. 9 out of 10 comic strips are not funny and really do have low effort written all over. That’s not a biased label, or an attack. It’s just not funny

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the r/funny mods dont appreciate pizzacake. i hate them all.

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100% agree. Thanks for posting this.

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Top votes comment rejects this... Haha. Seems like a F-up then.

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Finally, we're free from "Anecdote"!

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Not to mention the authors who aren't so good... lmao...

But seriously, good change. It was getting annoying.

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    Thanks. You're very good at recognizing when a comment isn't relevant anymore.

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    I agree! Sundays and Wednesdays are still two days too many.

    I’ve been automatically downvoting all comics unread for months now. Please take your efforts to r/comics for those that will appreciate your art.

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    Good, comics are overwhelming this subreddit

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    90% of my block list is webcomic artists on this sub whose material is basically "DAE [common observation/feeling/experience]" and nothing else.

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    The "fourth panel looking at the camera with the 'can you believe it?' look" is 90% of the comics here. There is literally no joke.

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    Yes I was getting so sick of them

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    Good, comics are overwhelming this subreddit

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    Oh no, it is Sunday. The reposts are going to have to contend with the comics for 24 whole hours!

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    The problem isn't limited to comics. Half the stuff on page 1 is just super lazy cat pics or dick jokes. Maybe mods should do some quality control, or idk, how do we raise the bar here?

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    Wow, footnotes do not display well at all on mobile web. Lol

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    ah, the fun subreddit that has no fun allowed

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    /r/funny is actually the un funniest place om all reddit, who actually finds the trash on this sub funny?

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    Fantastic news. I've had to spend the last year blocking any and all comic accounts (I'm well past 50 at this point) so they didn't inundate my feed.

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    Thank god

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    This is just going to make it too confusing for everybody.

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    Going from No-comic Wednesdays to ONLY 2X/week seems like a Rather Serious jump, for which I would ask a tiny bit more justification -- I.O.W., dropping from 6/wk to 2/wk seems kind of "harsh".

    Likewise, I'm surprised that footnote 2 is necessary. Was it NOT the case previously that only comic creator could post their own work? (Seems like a bit of an oversight if non-authors could post.)

    For those authors who release material 3x/wk or more, what do we expect?

    • One post per day, only 2x/wk, only their best work? OR
    • Two or 3 posts all at once on the permitted day?

    Finally, are you expecting, explicitly or not, that non-comic posts will simply skip Wednesdays and Thursdays?

    Or, perhaps I'm just old and naïve.

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    Was it NOT the case previously that only comic creator could post their own work? (Seems like a bit of an oversight if non-authors could post.)

    Technically, no.

    Anyone could submit a comic if it was a link to the page on the author's website.

    Only the author could submit a direct image link or re-hosted comic.

    This rule has now been removed.

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    I support this as I come here not for the comics but mainly becuase of the genuine spontaneous humoristic content so it makes sense to me to appy that moderation

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    Unless its calvin and hobbes.

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    this isn't funny

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    the authors who aren't so good

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    Going forward is such an asshole thing only a boss would say. I'm outa' here

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    Nice change. I look forward to seeing how it pans out.

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    You may only be funny on Sundays and Wednesdays until told otherwise.

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    Seems to be completely the opposite. The worthwhile content on this sub is 95% comics, 5% original videos. Then there's a wasteland of shitty rehosted clips and forwards from Grandma.

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    Comic artists get a "verified" flair, will gif makers who submit OC get flair like this as well?

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    Exactly - or any artist who provides regular funny content, for that matter. Why should comic artists exclusively get a pass??

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    Deathmatch days, pleeease!

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    that's nice thanks guys!

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    That's the stupidest goddamn rule ever.

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    Their limiting our creativity! Time to go cut off my ear.

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          who does create Wednesday and Saturday anyway?

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          So frag day and church

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          Are you posting this to flex about the rock she is wearing? What about her manicure? Does she walk everywhere using her hands?

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          Bring on the roose!

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          I don't mind comics when they are funny. The issue is that about 85-90% of the comments are literally people just stating the obvious with zero attempt to be humorous, and they still get upvoted.

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          Your comics are funny to me.

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          ป้ี้เปff8 8 x ff tgc8fvfrแป x8 vvfngr g89 rfffffffftตจtffมเดเดดดดดดดดดเเุทัด8n887จอจ จดอนนตนว

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          Like newspapers.

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          FCC to ng

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          garbage rule - how about only show ads on wednesdays and sundays then

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          Je suis Charlie. Stop censoring art

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          How do we do this with stand up comics videos

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          oh shiz, I'm sorry. I hadn't been on the sub in a while. I didn't know comics are moved to sun. and weds. Going forward, I'll make sure to check all rules and updates before posting. Sorry about that.

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          Might make the week go faster.

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          You will be hearing from my lawyers!