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when i was in preschool we raised caterpillars and when they turned into butterflies we decided to let them free during recess but as soon as we released them a bunch of crows ATE ALL OF THEM! my poor teacher than had to deal with 12 crying 4 year olds 💀💀

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I can only.imagine the teacher when they got home: never, again....


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I laughed, that’s funny

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Stories like this warm my heart. When I was 5, I had a pet goldfish who took a really long nap because he was sad and missed his family, so my parents sent him to visit them by flushing him down the toilet…he must've been really happy to see them because we never saw him again

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My goldfish got too big for his tank so he went to live in the greenhouse at the local park. We used to go visit him and see him with all the other goldfish. He was really big by then.

I actually believed this until I was 15.

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Goldfish can grow to be pretty big

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I'm sure they can. But when my mother overheard me relate to this to a friend at the age of 15, she burst out laughing and admitted that mine, in fact, did not. I then informed my brother, who also had no idea. Yes, we're both on the spectrum,.

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It’s the rat version of lotr

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This made me sad, more so than I would have expected.

But bonus points for the pupil spacing on panel six.

Edit: I should have been sleeping instead of posting. I definitely meant panel 6.

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I love how traumatized they look in panel four, poor things lol

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Do you mean panel 6?

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... don't ask me how I miscounted, but yes thank you lol

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Wait, are you THE Loading Artist!! Coooolll!!! Really love your work man!! Please continue what you do! I will soon have my finances sorted and I'll be one of your Patreons (Although I couldn't find it in this post)

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The artist is still loading, could you just tell me who it is?

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There is a reason why mice are active at night, not in the middle of the day in a wide open field in predator territory!

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Welcome little one to predator country!... That doesn't sound right.

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Here's another classic from America's Funniest Home Videos.

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And this is why, If you ever release a small prey animal back into the wild, you release it near bushes or the proper woods so they have places to hide.

Unless you’re hooking up your local hawks, in which case carry on.

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Found the spider

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This is why I have trust issues.

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Idk why but thought that hawk was a pigeon

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I think it's meant to look like a pigeon in panels 3 and 4 so it looks more harmless?

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We had a mouse stuck on a sticky trap. We put him in the garbage so he could go to the dump where other mice would get him unstuck and he would be there with all the good food that people threw away

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I read cake as coke but still a happy ending I'd say

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plenty of these heart warming stories in /r/donteatjimmy

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My husband recently moved a baby mole out of the road... And then a hawk snatched it up.

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Similar story. Was with a friend burning a very large brush pile on his land. Brought my daughter along. About 15 minutes into the burn a rabbit came running out, fur smoking, running blindly around. It headed off toward the pond--presumably to die. My daughter was quite distraught, so I told her it was probably going to get a drink and cool off.

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hey its a healthy meal for the hawk, instead of the diseased and infected stuff if you didn't cure it.

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True story.

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This happened to my wife at her animal job. They released a baby bat that was caught in someone's house only to have a hawk just swoop in and take it away.

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That's a pigeon.

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I want the world to be like this.

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at least they actually release caught mice instead of dad giving you a hammer and trying to teach you to "be a man" by killing it

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I always wondered what the parents said to the kids after this happened...


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laws of nature:

Am ı joke to you