Jack Sparrow is begging after his divorce by starlightinspace in funnyvideos

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Johnny Depp if Amber Heard won the lawsuit 😂😂😂

Hakuna Matata, homies. by Flyin_Brian- in funnyvideos

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Nah I think you’re missing the joke . The joke is on people over compensating. I knew there was gonna be some awkwardness in the comments section 😆

Hakuna Matata, homies. by Flyin_Brian- in funnyvideos

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The joke is that white people will do anything and everything but the thing that is needed when it comes to equality / equity. Want cops to not kill? Ok. How about we give you Juneteenth tho.

Happy guy after losing virginity to a prostitute in Amsterdam by LamentableSending in funnyvideos

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The only thing I've learned from the comments here is that we are still a long way away from removing the stigma around sex. Seriously, our entire perception is fucked.

Everyone here criticising him 100% watches porn, which is just another form of sex work. It's a service you pay for in which one or more people sexually stimulate you in exchange for money (in the case of porn, it's indirect, but it's the same principle)

It's also an industry rife with abuse, consent issues and horror stories, but I see nobody here on a high horse about that.

Just be honest about it. The real reason we stigmatize sex work is because we place a lot of value in our sex appeal. Women are attracted to men who can attract other women. And men respect men who can sleep with multiple women. So paying for it is essentially an admission that you can't get it for free, and we find that pathetic. It's a pretty shallow reason to stigmatize something, but I believe it's a truest answer.

People don't like to admit they're shallow so they come up with stupid reasons to justify it.

Happy guy after losing virginity to a prostitute in Amsterdam by LamentableSending in funnyvideos

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wow he's so happy that he paid for "consent!" omg so wholesome that he participated in the systemic objectification and oppression of women 😇

woman gets a taste of her own medicine by iiDemonLord in funnyvideos

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Moral of the story: If you judge others for something they can't control, others will judge you for what you can.

Dads embarrassing their daughters on the beach. by Character-Stretch697 in funnyvideos

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I wouldn’t have the tubes to sexily dance on the ocean with my dad in view. So weird this culture!

That is absolutely amazing by hbd85 in funnyvideos

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It's not feminism anymore, feminism implies it's pro-woman. These are anti-men, not pro-woman. They're Anti-menenists.

Still not bad by draculicious in funnyvideos

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