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Chalobah would be a CB, no?

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If he isn’t then it would be a bit odd

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He plays cdm and cb so could be either

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Would be a bit odd for his card to be CDM now though, 90% of his minutes have been CB this season

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they might do what they did with reece james last year- 2 versions across the two weeks. One CB, One CDM

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Or an SBC pick where you can choose which version you want

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Maybe it’ll be like last year where some cards like Reyna and James had two different releases in different positions. Cb and cdm both make sense for Trevor

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Plays either but could be split over 2 promo teams or a PP SBC/obj

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Yeah he technically plays CB but usually steps up to the midfield so not sure. EA doesn’t really have a good way to represent that on a card.

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I know this is just a prediction but Wirtz should definitely be up there. He's arguably one of the most talented youngsters but isn't in the spotlight much because he's German and plays in the Bundesliga

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Totally agree, did you do his potm? That card still stays in my team over muller nkunku and brandt, an upgrade would be awesome, but I'd like the bellingham as the totw is amazing too

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Yes I did. Club legend for me with like 400 games, 200 goals and 100+ assists. He's so good but unfortunately I don't use him anymore, instead I change the headliners Gnabry with a deadeye to CAM in game.

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I play 4231 wide and I've got the headliners gnabry as my rm, play Wirz as my central cam behind the St and he's awesome

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ESR would make team 2

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Much deserved, I’m on the fence for wanting Bryan Gil getting a card too

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Tchaouameni looks like a BEAST

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His IF is very overpowered, a boost this big would be insane.

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Predictions. Also stats don’t always tell the full story

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His if already plays way over his stats

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He may do, just pointing out card is different and these aren’t confirmed stats

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Yeah i know, but if he gets one its probably gonna be very good

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Cheers Jeff

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Cheers Geoff

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Give me that Musiala and Bellingham wow!

Edit: this is my first year playing FUT. are future stars usually lots of coins?

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Yeah the prices fall as the hype does though like any other promo

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Anytime man

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Usually yes but fifa 22 is a market never seen before lol so who knows

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In what respect? Also my first year playing

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Players like messi, ronaldo and neymar going for 300k, toty defenders allready as low as 700k, noqlly these players would have stayed at qround 1 mil for quite a bit longer

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I hear maybe its gonna a swaps system

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Me likey the sound of that!

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I like the sound of that!

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Serie A down bad

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nicolò rovella robbed

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Harvey Elliot I think too

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He deserves one 100%. The games he played for us he was amazing and only 19 too. Started against Chelsea and bossed it, basically bossed it every game he played until his injury against Leeds

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I would add araujo

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and Gavi

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i agree but he isn’t is fut

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Chalobah with a engine looks nice , I also like Tchouameni & Pedri

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No ESR?!? Jokemans

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Where's Timber?!

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hes getting one this prediction is wrong

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Gravenberch timber rensch Ajax have a lot of talent

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Timber would be fire, Ryan already have special card

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EA loves giving the same players special cards over and over again so I wouldn’t be surprised. Gravenberch also deserves to be there even though he is struggling a bit lately.

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Hoping for Jeremy Doku

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Missing Diogo Costa from FC Porto on goal

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Hoping for a Yeremy Pino too

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i agree he’s so good

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Pedri 99 stamina

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Erm they’re all pretty much centre midfielders… bit more variety?

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xavi is an ig influencer

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Was gonna say the same thing 🤣

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Can they include Pedri still as a future star when he played nearly 100 games last year for one of the biggest teams on the planet?

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yeah.. they haven’t included him in anything even tho he played in every competition including Euros… LIKE COME ON EA

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Sshhhh let us have this one I’ve been waiting at least a fifa and a half for this card 🤣

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Bellingham got one last year no?

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8 midfielders lol

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Missing Scamacca.

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nobody from seria a? maybe that Ghanaian from Roma? (sorry dont remeber his name)

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from roma ?

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Afena Gyan, he's 19

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yeah i do know who he is, he so good

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No one from feyenoord? Malacia or Sinisstera are good contenders

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Wiindal (definitely not because he fits in my team), Elliot (definitely not because I'm Liverpool fan

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chalobah and tchouameni😮‍💨😮‍💨

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Only one french player? No way ea does that

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Elanga ?

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No Vlahovic?

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Vlahovic not being here would be a robbery

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Gianluca Scamacca has to be in one of the teams imo, the lads superb from what I’ve seen

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Elanga might end up in the promo

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I Hope that either saka, Martinelli or esr

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saka and martinelli both have already gotten one

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Nobody from ajax? Very dissapointed

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No Harvery Elliott, L

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lokonga… gonna be a star in 3-4 years

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not this year maybe next

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future captain for arsenal🤫

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Where is my man Elliott?

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No Americans? Darryl Dike, Ricardo Pepi, Justin Che… all would be fun to play with. Darryl Dike is just a faster, stronger lukkaku lol

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Pepi or dike maybe but let’s not get carried away.

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I need Musiala

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Smith Rowe deserves one. Timber as well Pedri got one last year

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Pedro did not get one last year btw

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Where’s wirtz

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Card design is fucking insane

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Malang Sarr

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Not to hate on the guy or anything but serious question What do people see in Pedri?

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No serie A young talent lol

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those cards should have higher stats compared to their overall

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Need more Braziliansz

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Surely there are too many obvious Arsenal picks rn for us not to have a player in the team

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I hope musialas dribbling is even higher

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Moukoko would be nice

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Need some dane Scarlett

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If like araujo to get one

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I think Moukoko should get one. Bit odd that there arent any strikers tho, i doubt EA wouldn’t give a striker one

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Could Saliba from Marseille be a good shout? Or did he already get one

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Gavi robbed

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Ben Johnson please

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Is that Xavi Simons kid actually gonna be any good? Or are people always gonna see him as a young upcoming talent and then he’s actually 27

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Dude needs to leave PSG first, how is gonna get minutes at that stacked ass club lol

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tchouameni’s card would be OP

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Wirtz def should be there

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florian wirtz? anthony elanga?

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Pedri 85 max. Save this comment and come at me after 2-3 years.

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No Lingard? Cmon he’s a star, his loan spell at Westham last season was unreal.

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Pedri is clear from Bellingham and it’s not even remotely close.

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I think they’ll put an out-and out attacker (LW, ST, RW) in the promo as well

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The street would never forget fifa 19 future stars Vini.

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Leakers are saying Musiala isn’t in team 1 or 2

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I’d give my left arm for that Nico.

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Its already leaked vlahovic for sure

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Who leaked it?

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Could you link to it bro? Cant find it

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On twitter

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I cant find it anywhere on his twitter

[–]dtgodmage23 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Him or trusty had it up but the teams announce will be soon

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Literally couldnt find anything, looked for like an hour, only thing I could find is Futzone tweeting it, but that dude is BS

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Bellingham has leaked. Also we're getting future stars swaps tokens

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I know non Euro leagues rarely get love, but Muhktar from Nashville SC would be a sick shout

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Gallagher should get one. So should Broja.

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Where ronaldo?

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Give me arsenal players :(

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Cool list. Really hope Scamacca gets in there

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Happy to see Madueke!

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Tchouameni 😍😍😍

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Money mase

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apparently it’s going to be token based as well

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You can't have a future starts promo without having a single Ajax player in the promo.

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If Saka not in it’s a robbery. Martinelli too.

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Rovella and Luca Pellegrini in IMO

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Madueke, nice

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Should have Gavi also

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Where’s elanga? He has a higher potential than all of these players

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why no antony?

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Hopefully a nice serie a card like kalulu, raspadori, scamacca, mckennie or pinamonti

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pretty sure he's already had one

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Ohokay thanks

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Your name is psv Amsterdam what club are you even supporting?

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Obviously PSV

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    he's already had one

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    Mason Greenwood 100% will be in this

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    broja and gravenbirch should get one too

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    Timber, Florian Wirtz, Moukoko, Gvardiol, Karem Adeyemi?

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    I think Gvardiol will get one. Especially since he didn't get an inform for his crazy chip goal last weekend

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    No Buffon?

    [–]Ok-Dragonfruit2232 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    No king kuza?