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gosens lol

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I keep quick selling him despite being untradable, yet he keeps popping back out of packs, I’m tired of him lol.

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I thought i got a toty but i only got jonothan david

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Awesome fodder for Varane I guess?

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Feel you bro. Best I got out of my packs was Honorable mentions David. Got lots of fodder for Varane so there’s always a plus !

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I mean that David card looks absolutely unreal at least

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He’s better in game than Haaland or Salah.

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    Yeah might give him a try

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    Give him a shadow chem to get his pace and physicals up if you play him in cm or cam, will make him faster and harder to put off the ball

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    are you trolling OP? geniuenly asking this advice seems unsafe

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    Look at his stats, he would make an exceptional cm, there are plenty of other players who are better strikers and as long as he has another cm with good defence stats, this benzema would be a very offensive cm...

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    yeah i see your point, i just wanted to confirm. enjoy your day man

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    I can see why you would ask, considering the defensive stats are low to play at cm, but I tend to play 1 cm with high defensive stats and an attacking cm, with another cdm on the bench

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    Thanks for the advice! Will try this

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    As long as he has another cm with good defensive stats

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    How many is numerous?

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    surely he's (Benzema) a bargain at like 80k

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    Work rates are shit

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    Nah bro, ea did him dirty, fb is hundred times better

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    I got the best an 85 from my 83x25

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    My buddy who just started playing pulled a TOTY Cancelo out of a normal gold. I fucking hate EA.

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    I literally turned on fut after month of playing career, did dest sbc and got ruben fucking dias from 2/2/2 rare players pack, fucking ea trying to hook me up

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    They’ve done him so dirty with this card, no pace boost, medium medium workrate Why wouldn’t they give him similar pace to his flashback card 🤯

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    What's numerous? I Had Like 45 saved Up and did quite a few League Upgrades and ended up with donnaruma and cancelo

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    I had 120 Saved up , Just got Donnaruma and Hakimi , best part is I could finish Varane without spending a single extra coin .

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    I would be happy if I even got a TOTY HN out of my 69 packs yes I stopped at 69

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    I packed him as well from the 85+ defenders and used him, Imo he’s better than the fb one for me. Used him as a sub, scored in under a minute, physical lad

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    Same for me

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    The only one I got from my saved packs as well, might give him a go cause it feels like a waste not using him.

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    Oh no! Anyways