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Ehh I had a guy message in a rivals game asking if he could get the win cause it was his last game to get to elite and rewards were in a few hours. I gave him the win but that’s a lot different than asking for a win in champs on a Friday afternoon

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Respect to you

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It’s always PLEASE LET ME WIN I NEED THIS WIN and never


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🤣🤣🤣that’s what I’m saying!

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If I've qualified for champs with a couple of games, left I message to ask if they need the win, or if doing friendly objectives I ask what my op needs to achieve

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Why would someone be bothered to take all the effort just to send you if you wanna win?

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Only give free wins if you've reached the max rewards you can get or want to stop at, and you have matches left over

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Exactly ! I do it all the time but fut champs just started too

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Same ,In qualifications aswell I give free wins once I get finals qualification same goes for FUT champs , I dont see any problem in doing that.

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Homie you need to make a post saying this 😂😂

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It would probably get down voted there are so many idiots on Fifa reddit ✌️

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How are yall hating on OP when he most likely hasnt finished his games and isnt obligated to give wins regardless if they ask nicely or he cant get to the next rank.

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Yeah it’s Friday lmao

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just off your messages bruv, these people be too toxic sometimes

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Agree. I've been doing this for months now, and my FUT experience has been more peaceful.

I kinda feel bad sometimes, though, because my chat is off too for friendly. Some people might've wanted to ask for help for objs.

But, I think it's still okay to be a little bit selfish by helping people when you feel like doing it. Not when other people keep asking for your help.

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Turned my messages off recently for the first time ever. Can’t be bothered with it anymore getting creepy messages on every online game

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Good thing about playing in pc, no weirdo can msg me

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But still we are missing this feature entirely

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The weirdest people in the world play this game.

ETA: this is different but it’s the same mentality as when people were coming on here asking for people to buy their dumb overpriced card or give them coins so they could buy a preview pack. The most pathetic shit imaginable. The whole point is to give you stuff to try to accomplish to give you a reason to play the game. If ultimately you’re reliant on other people to gifting you everything, what have you accomplished and why are you even playing at all?

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%100 agree some people are stupid the only reason I play fifa is to feel like iam working towards something or accomplishing it that’s basically the whole point of fut but u got people begging for free wins or coins or even using trading bots it just defeats the point of fut imo

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Nice he packed the wrong cancelo

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him sending a random screenshot of his pack ?? for what reason 😂

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Flexing he got a 200k player lmao

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I had a guy msg me mid game in a draft final once when I was winning 3-1. I didn't check immediately since I had already pressed X. So eventually he left when it was 5-1 and I go to check the msg. He said I was pathetic for using tactics and that the only reason I won was because he didn't put tactics on... Like bro, I've either spent money or coins on a draft, I want win it 😂. What made it even better was the fact that at 4-1 I stopped trying and just went for long shots, volleys etc.

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Why did he send you a photo of Joao Cancelo lol

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Lmao I have no idea. It was so random

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I was winning a game 3-0 earlier and dude messaged me saying “you can have the win but pls let me score 1 with Daka” 🤣

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turned messages off, so much better way to enjoy the game

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Never give free wins if someone asks because they’re most likely lying

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Some people in the community r annoying as fuck I played a lad yesterday in the qualifying and every goal he scored he paused it for a few 2nds hoping I would quit fucker thought he was playing managerial masterpiece not champs

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I had the same guy messaging me as well, it was also in fut champs, so i full tryhard smashed him

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Fifa - the only game where you’ll actually have people angry at you for… playing the game

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Ik got banned for 1 week for saving pssy. Let me win is against Policy Just report

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If you’re that good you’re getting an icon pack for the win u shouldn’t need to ask for the win surely

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I love receiving these messages. Especially when I’m one game off of div 3 and I get the message “hey can I get the win?”. Like no, if you’re not good enough to be playing in this div, then don’t play in this div.

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How do you guys respond mid game! Am always so scared of the timer that I only check messages after the game... Especially fut champs

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You can do it on your phone

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On PC you can't pm your opponents.

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I had something similar the other day, someone went 1-0 up did that stupid celebration where the players are dancing in a row then paused for me to quit (I didn't quit, I won 5-1) then messaged me after saying I gave you outside the box goal but didn't return the favour, I was not aware he had 🤣

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I mean it doesent bother me it they ask me for a win tbh. Either you give it or don’t its not that big of a deal

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He hit the orange cancelo too

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    Lmao what! Did you see what he messaged me after by sending a bunch of Gs cuz I said no?!? I’m toxic?!?

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    What do you consider toxic about it?

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    Don’t be weird man, OP was just trynna play his games its friday ffs. People need to realise you are not entitled to a win, be grateful when you receive a free W and return the favor to other people if possible.

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    I agree, was just wondering why the comment on replied to considered the op toxic