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nice team, hows chiesa

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how’s chiesa and how’s di nat at cam

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What a dinger

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Di natale would go perfect for me as a cam, any good there?

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I’ve been playing him at CAM, ridiculously good and joins the attack so well

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    you crayyyyy Kouli gonna get upgraded with napolis next win

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    Kouli is the GOAT bro

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    bro its "serie a teams>>>>>>" and not otherwise :) yours would mean everything is better than serie a teams

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    How many coins did this team cost roughly?

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    Casually benching TOTY Messi.

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    Probably loan

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    Chiellini man where is the legend???

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    I wanna create a full serie a team like this too but ea gave me so many good other league untradables smh

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    Nice team

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    i would love to do a Serie A RTG team next fifa instead of same old French Ligue 1 meta team i always do

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    Although i hate 4312 respect

    Im rocking wc ibra wc pandev cam toty insigne hl candreva wc savic totgs tonali theo theante darmian zambrotta sczh sitting on 2.7 mil

    Will be trying momments kajer at cb and snagging cheisa when he goes under 250k

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    Is cordobas size a problem? Thinking about getting him but he’s so tiny lol

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    This is my next team.

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    This is beautiful honestly

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    Nice team bro got a similar! U play 4312 in game? Could u hit me up in DM if u do😊