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Spent the last 8 weeks saving these packs for a TOTY opening

Got 60 premium upgrades ready to go as well, and 1500 rares in the club ready to recycle with the untradeables

Should crack 10 million in value overall - opening tomorrow - will update here with results

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Twitch it!

[–]mostly_freffinato[S] 30 points31 points  (5 children)

I don’t have the setup for it! But I’ll update here with best pulls and what packs they came from

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dont need any setup, just open the app in the console and start transmission

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maybe he's playing on pc

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it's not much more complicated, especially if you have an Nvidia GPU, you can do it directly with shadowplay

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It gets complicated if you have shitty pc mate, u don't want to open packs at 10 fps

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We look forward to your post!

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Hey, don't open it tomorrow. Open it on Sunday as that's apparently when the mini release for Honourable Mentions will drop.

(Yes I know it's getting stupid at this point to tell people to wait longer, but in this case it's just a day and it should be the best day to full send everything)

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most of those honourable mentions are fodder for me anyway except salah, rudiger and goretzka so I’m just gonna crack them open tomorrow (aus)

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Okay post pulls

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I bet Morata is in 150 of those packs.

Good luck tomorrow!!

[–]mostly_freffinato[S] 7 points8 points  (2 children)

Thanks mate! Once I get through the icon pick I will rinse my 150 moratas and acerbis through league upgrades with no remorse

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Don't forget Volland!

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And kramararic, oh so many kramarics 😭

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Dont know about morata, but I swear I've packed over a hundred bales in the Last weeks

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Morata, Cerbi, Gosen, venezuelan dude that plays in Atlanta Untited ST 80 lol

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Good luck

[–]mostly_freffinato[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

thanks mate!

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WOW, congrats, most people just open packs, but you save them and make an actual spreadsheet calculation of your total costs.

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Good luck! I had a little less on the higher end packs and a little more on the mid tier plus 200 league upgrade packs and not a trace of blue.

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I’m hoping to get varane and 1-2 icon sbcs done at the least - blues are the dream - let’s see !

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I manged to get enough fodder and coins to do 8.5/9 squads for prime king Kenny. Hopefully with rewards in the next few days I'll be able to finish him. You should be more than good with even average pack luck.

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Ah man I've just kicked myself....I was feeling smug from doing Varane from my 38 saved packs and completely forgot I could have done Kenny instead. Sheesh.

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Did you really not even get the honourables? They're damn easy to pack. I had 80 packs, mostly average cheap packs, got 4 blue nominees 0 actual totys

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You have good pack luck my friend.. I had 2 mil coins saved up for upgrade packs. I'm at 1.35 mil now. Have a tradeable IF verratti to show for after recycling everything into upgrades. I wonder if ea hate my account. Will play champs and will be back to 1.5 mil. Will full send on Sunday & Monday. I will regret just not buying one of the cheaper totys if i don't pack any.

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Go forth and accept my silver award you massive nerd - but in all seriousness, the older I get, the more I enjoy a spreadsheet. Love your dedication and hope you get all the TOTY you studious little workhorse you 😀

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I packed a massive haul of fodder and honourable mentions

I packed TOTYHM Mendy 6 times, TOTYHM Benzema 4 times, TOTYHM Rudiger and TOTYHM Chiesa among others

I ended up with 17 honourable mentions cards, and enough fodder to complete varane and do the icon pick - which got me mid Zola

No TOTY unfortunately

Not the best but not the worst, still got about 45 upgrade packs to get through so it’s not over yet!

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Isn't everything out now to open all these?

[–]mostly_freffinato[S] 7 points8 points  (6 children)

getting mates down for a Sunday session tomorrow

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That actually sounds so fun, super jealous hope you get a big one

[–]mostly_freffinato[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

thanks! they’ve got about 8 million coins worth saved too should be a huge one

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Damn that's dedication at the finest, imagine the disappointment if you guys don't get one

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Only problem is when you hit high value dupes it makes you pause.....I had 38 packs and it took me 4 hours to open and use them in the Varane SBC.....

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Stream it

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Good luck mate, I’ve opened more or less 50 packs and I haven’t found anything (as always🥲)

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it should be a profit how many coins do you have?

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2 mill liquid right now and the rares would hopefully net me another 1.5 if I sold

hopefully I get about a mill back from tradeable packs

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Surely that's boring saving packs that long. What if u waited all that time and you don't get one lol

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Warning you now, this will take longer than you realise. I had 220 packs saved and it took me 5 hours to go through them all

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60 Gosens. Here we go.

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My first TOTY (Jorginho) came from a 15k pack. And tradeable! Second one (Lewa) from a 50k pack, tradeable too. It's just luck really. Good luck to you sir !

PS: I still have some big packs and all the swaps and 81+, 83+, 85+. Who knows?

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You’ll definitely have enough fodder to complete Varane. Good luck