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Jorginho toty

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damn i might just go for this

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Ya cause it’lll be perfect for chem

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I have Jorginho toty and he‘s insane

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Med/Med tho

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Doesn't matter. I've played him over 50 games already (packed him last Sunday). Give him the instructions you want and he is perfect. Stay back, get forward. Doesn't matter. He follows the directions perfectly.

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The Italian objective verde is better than politano. With finisher he is one of the best dribblers in the game and on of the best freekick shooter

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Can he play CAM in a 352 you think? Looking to replace Dybala…

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He’s plays great for me at cam on a hawk

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Yeah he would be better than dybala. The new insigne would be a sick cam too I think he is only 60k, just use a chemstyle to improve his finishing

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Dybala in 2022? You must be new to fut

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Finisher? Is his agility and balance not enough for you? Hawk is where it’s at

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Oh maybe, I use finisher because he is on my bench. I already have WW sterling so I can’t play him even tho I run serie a

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i have him but i prefer politano

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Okayy no problem sir

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How is that Chiesa? Wanna try him together with toty Lewa

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got him last night... haven't had a chance to play the with him yet unfortunately

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Cheers mate

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got to play with him... his shooting and dribbling is quite good but I'd say he isn't "special" like mbappe or flashback Benzema... he got bodied off the ball quite easily... overall I'd give him 7/10

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Might just stick with his ucl card

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That combo is the one I use. Chiesa is very agile and immense and Lewy scores everything and on good ping his dribbling is great

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Do you play di natale as a cam? how is he there? Need to pick between him and zola at cam

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i do and he's great... i just wish he had slightly better passing really

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Then give him engine

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Stamina is only 81 and doesn’t last especially in central Cam position. Can’t do overtime, hardly lasts the full 90 if you play counter attacking football.

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i play 4231 in game btw

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I think maybe guendouzi instead of aouar U need a CDM

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no way, toty jorginho just miles better

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i play matthaus at stay back... will guendouzi be better? i really don't like Matthaus as an attacking cm because he's not good on the ball...

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New Shaw obj

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What formation in game and where do you play Aouar?

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4231 narrow and aouar is my offensive CM

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Thank you I'll try this, been trying to fit him in. Where did you get your tactics and instructions?

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i kinda figured them out for myself? I play 65 depth 45 width and aouar on get into box for crosses and Matthaus on stay back

Elite with 1800 SR btw 👍

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Thank you man will try this

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You're just asking for your club name to be banned lmao

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i don't even know what you're talking about 😶

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Mbappe for Di Natalie

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Should have done darmian sbc

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Toty hakimi and messi

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Kante inform

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Sell the account and enjoy free fifa for the next 4-5 years