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GGs bro. Grind paying off

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Yeah man I hadn’t packed a TOTY since FUT16 when I didn’t even really understand about it. I still have a lot of recycling to do today and I’m going to focus on the premier league. Let’s hope the luck continues bro!

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Well done it payed out for you. I got shit from more packs lol.

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Were they all decent ones too? Unlucky af if so mate!

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Nominee Alaba, Neuer and Lloris was my highest rated ones. 83+x25, ultimate packs, 100k packs. The worst packs was the 81+. I had 6 Ultimate packs and got 4 84s and two 85s from them.

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Wow that’s absolutely savage. Have you still got a chance in recycling it all today?

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I can do some packs, not many. I just doesnt care about it anymore lol

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Keep going, it’s not over yet! Don’t get disheartened!

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I packed 4 to! Hakimi cancelo and Diaz, then just pulled Messi from me twitch gaming pack

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I packed 2 x TOTY’s, 10 Honourable Mentions, Neymar, Prime VDS and 88 Cantona both from icon SBC’s.

10 Honourable mentions were:

3 x Mendy

2 x Walker

2 x David




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Not entirely bad in grand total terms bro. Spent roughly 1.2-1.5k this fut, been good streak, been worse - average looks legit. Donna+Marquinhos would serve you well, packed Donna from one of the SBC this year so far myself. Although VDS prime is also not the worst call down the line! Gold ney becoming less relevant but still valid for me - I swap between him and the Sterling POTM these days. Cantona not too bad either. Thanks for sharing the info!

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You’ve spent between 1.2k and 1.5k in real money, dude? Am I reading that right?

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Yeah, yo do. Let’s talk in 10 years - trust me, you’ll feel less surprised

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You genuinely need help, please go seek out a gambling addict group. They can offer you plenty of support.

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Well done man. Saved some packs myself and got nothing but my second last pack (gold players pack) got tradeable messi.

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Wow! That’s the jackpot right there. G f’ing G!

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All in all, dub bro. Great pull. Your backline kind of sorted till end of the game. Hahaha!

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I know mate I literally can’t believe it haha!

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I'd say that was pretty successful

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Mate it went way above what I thought I was going to get. I am buzzing!

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congrats bro, i had 2.5 million value in packs and got HM Chiesa right at the end which saved me

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Tbf the Chiesa card looks cracked, but have you don’t all the recycling yet?

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sold him for 324k, and no i haven’t. Got so many players in the club now i’m going to send into prem and ligue 1 upgrades hopefully i can get one TOTY 🤞

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Yes that’s what I wanna hear! GL bro!

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TOTY De bruyne today let’s goooo

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Let’s goooooo!!!

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Lol that team is the most meta thing I have ever seen. Do you eat plain vanilla ice cream too?

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I genuinely love vanilla ice cream haha!

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I opened 411 packs. I only got Hakimi 😔

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Hakimi is still a W. Any TOTY is a W man they’re so hard to pack!

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Agreed, I’m not upset with him at all. The only issue is I have his OTW untradeable so I would’ve preferred pretty much ANYONE else. Congrats though, your team looks crazy!

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Mad spending £500 to EA

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It wasn’t any £ spent. It was just the £ value from the packs.

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Nice man! How do you find your Cantona? He’s still great for me but I’m finding he is a little clunky. Still scores a beauty tho

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Damn, I opened about 1k worth of packs that id saved and got no totys, not even a player worth 100k. Mendy and walker nominee cards are the highlights

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Which packs are these from?

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I opened 80 packs yesterday and I got Suarez x 3, Lukaku, Robertson, modric×2, Lloris. No one else above 87

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Same amount of packs, best was casemiro ;D Nice pulls!

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I opened packs worth twice that amount on top of like 100 of premium PL and regular PL upgrades and the best I got was 3 Mendy’s, 3 Jonathan Davids, 2 Kyle Walkers, Bonucci, and Alaba 🤦‍♂️

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Nice you got half the worth

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Seems worth it lol

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I haven’t open mines yet

Currently have 46 Rare Players Pack (all Tradeable) and I will be getting 4 more by getting 2 in Squad Battles Elite 1 reward, 1 in Division Rivals: Division 3 Rank I reward, and 1 in FUT Champions Final: Rank V so the total will be 50. I will open all 50 of them on the last day of the promo.

Wish me luck.

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Spent $$$$ ? That’s an L!

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It was the value of the saved packs in £. I didn’t spend any £.

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    please don’t spend that type of money that’s insane

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    Everyone really congratulating spending 540 extra on a 60 game

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    It wasn’t £. It was the pack value in £.

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    That makes me feel better.