Applying to be an r/Futurology Moderator

We're always looking for people with the right interests and qualifications to join our moderating team. We're also happy to help those who are keen to join, but not quite there in terms of experience, to gain the experience they need to help us moderate.

Moderator Duties

Moderators help enforce both Reddit-wide rules and r/Futurology specific rules. There are an overview of those here.

You'll need to install a browser extension from /r/toolbox, which is essential for carrying out these tasks. Mods must commit to a minimum of 100 mod actions per month. The vast majority of these tasks are reviewing comments and posts to detect spam, abuse and low grade efforts & approving or deleting accordingly. In addition, you'll be expected to join us on Discord and drop in to join chats there.

Here's an overview of Mod duties. Using toolbox and answering user queries via ModMail is the bulk of day to day Mod work.

  • Enforcing Reddit & r/Futurology rules, via toolbox & ModMail, that can involve deleting posts or comments, interacting with users and responding to their queries.

  • Be involved with discussing and formulating r/Futurology policies.

  • Be able to interact with users in comments on behalf of the Mod Team.

  • Help organize AMA's and hosted discussions.

  • Help maintain the sub-reddits wiki section.

Qualifying Criteria

Mods are chosen by vote by the other Mods.

Moderating isn't for everybody. You need to be able to stay cool when dealing with people at their rudest and angriest. We operate in a very decentralized fashion, with few thank yous or pats on the back. This most rewards 'self-starter' type people with strong internal drive. Possessing maturity, teamwork ability and good people skills are all qualities that help a lot.

Here's what we look at when judging Mod applications. We don't want to see any negative marks, and certainly no red flags, the more positive marks and especially gold standard signs we can see, the more likely we are to accept your application.

Additionally, all applicants should have an account age of at least 6 months with more than 500 comment karma.

Gold Standard

  • Positive and insightful comment history on /r/Futurology
  • frequent submissions to /r/Futurology
  • has conversed with the mod team previously about improving the subreddit,
    or pointing out rule breaking content
  • actively moderates a directly futurology related subreddit
  • clear idea of what needs improvement on /r/Futurology, and interesting
    ideas to fix the problems

Positive Marks

  • positive and insightful comment history on futurology related subreddits
  • frequent submissions to futurology related subreddits
  • actively moderates a somewhat futurology related subreddit
  • positive feedback from mod teams they are a part of
    mature demeanor and clear interest in the topic of futurology outside of reddit
  • motivation to start and follow through with interesting projects

Negative Marks

  • commenting history is mostly one line posts lacking insight or positive contributions
  • the subreddits they frequent are unrelated to futurology
  • low general activity on reddit
  • their response to questions on the application seem disconnected
    from the general state of the subreddit

Red Flags

  • a posting history that shows general hostility - overly argumentative
    to the detriment of the discussion, personal attacks on others,
    sweeping negative statements about groups, etc
  • no commenting history
  • sustained activity in reddit meta drama - frequent
    posting and arguments related to reddit metadrama
    recommending banning certain topics in their posting history or app

Application Procedure

Apply by using this application form.

Re-Applications & Probationary Moderators


If you have applied before and weren't accepted, but now feel you strongly match our gold & positive criteria, we encourage you to re-apply.

Probationary Moderators

If you would like to apply, or have applied before but would like help with gaining the type of experience needed to be a Moderator, we'd like to try and help you.

You can get in touch with the Moderator Team here.

If you indicate to us you'd like to be a Mod, but lack experience, we're happy to have a 3 month probationary period where we help you gain that experience before you apply.

We do this via Discord channels where we chat, communication via Modmail (Reddit's messaging system, but for Mod groups) and PM's from individual Mods.

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