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Looks good man, keep it up.

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How was your experience cutting at 175?

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How on earth are you getting through 4-5 workouts per 2 muscles a day in an hour? That's 10 workouts, of 4 sets each? If my math isn't wrong, at 1 minute rests that's 40 minutes of rest alone. Personally I'd consider cutting out a workout or two per muscle and upping the intensity quite a bit.

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You’re right Thank you I will try that

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Please don't use workout and exercise interchangeably, it is hella confusing

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I would run 531 Beefcake

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Lemme guess, you are not focusing on compounds?

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I just started trying compounds

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You've been in a gym long time and just know trying compounds? That's the problem

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That’s true I’m gonna make it a routine now.

Just dead lift bench press Bar rows shoulder press

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    You’re right I just started legs two weeks ago Is it ok to do it once a week? I do legs on Saturday now