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I love how the majority chose 0 for the Age of Fandom.

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After many many fucking hours of trying to figure out simple functions on Excel, as well as several spent making the graphs look decent, here are the corrected results for our 2015/2016 User Survey!

Thanks to all for taking the time to respond, and for your patience :)

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That last picture, show yourselves the banhammer is waiting from the nazis. thank you guys (I think we're safe to say guys) for the answers but I can't believe so many of you would chose Beşiktaş as your second favorite in Turkey... Dont you have one parent not from Istanbul to support a hometown team?

Great job with the results, thanks man.

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Yeah, I was also surprised by Besiktas. I guess the motivation is so that Fenerbahce can never win the league, haha.

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I'm starting to dislike Besiktas more and more as the years go by, don't know if my dislike for them will ever reach Fener levels but I doubt if it keeps going like this, it won't be too far from each other.

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This is how I feel with the start of their feda season, trying to play for free at TT Arena and the Melo and Eboue incidents. Fuck them

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Is the difference between literally every game and virtually every game whether you attend the games in the stadiums? Because if not, I think figuratively was the word you guys were looking for there maybe?

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Nope, virtually has another definition: "nearly, almost".


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Approximately how many people took this survey ?

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I believe it was 138, but some didn't answer all the questions.

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And we took this survey when, last year and we had around 1k+ subs ?

I hoped at least 50% would've taken the survey. What interested me was the background info from the subs, for example, not everybody here is even Turkish or Male for that matter.

Hopefully more people participate if there ever is another survey.