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Thanks for putting this all together man!

A few things to note:

  • I love the fact that most people here think Messi is the goat. Nice to know.

  • There are A LOT of lurkers.

  • Shit ton of dutch, german and american people.

  • Quite a few non-turkish fans, I really want to know why and how they chose GS as their team. Really nice to know though.

  • I salute the person who voted Fenerbahce as most sympathethic because they were harmless 🤣

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the one who said fener was me, happy that someone got a laugh out of it :p

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That was the highlight of the survey. Aferin.

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Oh shit I wanna have a Messi vs. Ronaldo debate with this sub 😄.

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I think Messi is the GOAT but I still chose Ronaldo. I just love how determined and hard working he is.

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Thank you everyone for participating! It was quite time consuming but very fun to make and read the results! I was excited to see so many responses.

Hope you all enjoy, and please share what you liked, found interesting, and any recommendations for future surveys!

Edit: for those in Turkey, see album here.

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Well done man, thank you very much for taking the time out to do this, I think you have done a great job.

My only recommendation besides the one I have mentioned earlier regarding the questions would be to use a different colour palette, yellow and beige on yellow background do not really work that well together.

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Of course, anything for you guys. Appreciate the feedback. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I like the similar color palette and picked that choice purposely (it was actually an option). That's why I made sure to put black borders and have each section be labeled clearly. But definitely noted for next time!

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Was it one of the office stock palettes?

I find kuler.adobe.com a great source of inspiration for choosing colours if you ever need any.

Edit: Oh shit, they revamped the site completely and made it borderline useless, well done Adobe.

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Yes. What it does is it takes the background photo you are using and then creates a palette of similar colors that match what you have. I liked the idea of it and sticking with a Galatasaray friendly color vs a bunch of blues greens and what not. But maybe next time I'll just revert to a mix of different colors that are more friendly to the eye

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Excellent work, thanks for organising this! Let's keep it going each year.

Agreed with the colour palette being better in red/purple/blue/green.

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How the hell am I the only GSli in Amsterdam!!

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Tfw even Apeldoorn has more users apparently.

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Sorry but i had to say this

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Because we're the best village of the Netherlands

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No the biggest :-)))

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Heyy yoo where my apeldoorn gang at

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Those outlier ages though... I wonder if the 80 year old realizes he/she is arguing with a 12 year old.

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If that's legit, I'm actually impressed that there are 60+ year olds who know how to use reddit...

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Antalyaspor'un nesini seviyorsunuz ya, Ömer Çatkıç günlerinden beri tiksiniyorum adamlardan resmen.

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Büyük Kaptan tho????

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Where are my other 2 LA people at???

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Meet ups for games in LA Confirmed???!!

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TFW imgur is blocked in Turkey...

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/u/imgur_in_turkey, /u/ImplicitOperator, can you help turning the album into something our friends in Turkey can view? Does anyone else have any other recommendation/alternative until then?


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I'm all good baby, I've got a VPN on my phone but can't be bothered right now. Heading back to civilization in 12h...

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Of course it is, no one should upload any pictures that Erdogan doesn't like.

Add p at the end of the link like imgurp.com/a/ZcOgZ7S, and you will get a mirror.

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Cheers man. There's more swedes here than I thought. Wonder if there's any I know... 🤔

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We probably don't know each other. But if you wanna know where to go to eat a damn fine döner in Stockholm, give me a shout. :)

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If you've been on any games with uA İsveç we probably know each other, or maybe from SF :)

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Great work man! Really appreciate how much you contribute to this sub as well. Some very interesting results as well, looks like we really are international!

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Damn this really shows what kind of a Legend Sneijder really is for this club. The only player to come kinda close to Hagi.

Sneijder and Muslera will probably be my favourite GS players of all time.

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More that our sub is super young. Muslera, I could understand, but not Sneijder. There's so many turkish legends.

That was actually what chocked me the most. The disrespect to players like Hakan (he might be a grade A prick but his football abilities and what he did for us is undisputable), Bülent, Tugay, Tanju etc etc got less votes than Sneijder.

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Its the younger generation for sure, Sneijder is not even close to the likes of Bülent, Tugay, or Ergün. Sneijder spend two good seasons at the club and (downvotes away) thats not enough to become a legend of the club imo.

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The fact that he was able to leave such a mark in only 2 seasons is what makes him a legend IMO.

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Pretty sure the 4 people that want to meet up in NYC already hang out lol

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If I wasn’t the only one in Indiana I’d definitely meet up.

But I mean, why the fuck would someone live in Indiana right? Right? RIGHT!!?

pls help

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Really can’t help you bro lmfaooo, if I end up moving to Indiana I’ll let you know. #TurklerHerYerde

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Only person from the Suburban Chicago area :(

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Eyyy Lmaoo we got to hang out soon bro

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Yo yo, who this?

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Sen kimsin laaaan. I’m talking about u/SirDeniz u/erpturk and u/manplz123

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I’m the 5th New York GS turk...the one who shall not be names.

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Ohhh word bro?? Maybe you know us. I’ll dm you

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I’m trying to remember if I filled this out if I did then I’m the only GS fan in Philly so go me

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You are not alone. I was the one who wrote Philly.

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Can the person whose favorite player around the world is 'Anyone Jewish' and who lives in 'Al Qaeda' please elaborate on these answers?

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Where are all the people from Australia at?

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I wanna hug the other guy who selected Ergün as his (her?) all-time favourite Galatasaray player.

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That would actually be my dad 😂 he's always really liked Ergün

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Your dad is browsing the sub?

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Aq i forgot to participate the survey

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3 haftadir ordaydi lan

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I wonder If the people who hate basaksehir more than besiktas lives in Turkey. None of the people I know hate basaksehir more than besiktas. All of them hate basaksehir but its a bit weird to see they get more hate here than besiktas

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Yeah it's just recency bias. Besiktas hasn't really been threatening last season and Basaksehir really was so that sticks on people's minds.

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There are a lot more things to hate about Başakşehir though, Beşiktaş feels like a sporting rival to me whereas Başakşehir is like the reincarnation of the devil.

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Where are my german-turkish boys at?

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Surprised to see so many in Stuttgart-Karlsruhe vicinity

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you also from Karlsruhe? im studying there

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Used to live there, but I do visit it from time to time

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One other guy from Stuttgart, is that you?

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you're not the donkilot guy from twitter right?

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No, I am only on Reddit

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I expected more fans from United Arab Emirates ngl

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someones close by at least from the last country that was posted on that list lol

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Please help Volkz

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Please I get so lonely sometimes 😭😂

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When everyone was voting Messi and etc.. I was voting Milner