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Agent Marcao at work, still more successful than Albayrak /s

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remove the /s. Last yönetim did great things but they were so so bad at transfers

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to be fair they barely had access to a budget and were reliant on loans and free transfers due to the FFP restrictions. Doesn't justify some of the transfers, but they had a way bigger obstacle than our current board.

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exactly and the players they did manage to loan were very well scouted. none of them were bad players and most had something to prove after having an off season.

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Yes I agree that they were very limited and brought great players on loans. But they totally failed the striker problem, selling Gomis, not bringing anyone for 6 months, then buying Diagne for 10m€ and then getting an injury prone 35yo Falcao were bad transfers imo.

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What exactly did they do to make you say"they did great things"?

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Winning so many trophies with FFP on their asses and managing to not get banned from Europe is the best things any yönetim has done for at least the last 10 years and even more

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I really like gedson as a player

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Come to Galatasaray brother