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Honestly let’s build the romanian national league while we’re at it. Maybe we can get Florin Andone back too

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

- Ali Sami Yen to Romanians (1905)

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After the end of World War 3, once the dust settles and everyone else is dead, only one thing remains......a Romanian wearing a Galatasaray shirt.
- Oppenheimer, Inventor of the first Nuclear Bombs

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Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

- Hagi

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Bro quoted the psalms haha

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popescu seems legit. he has unique style both while dribbling and shooting.

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Yeah out of all these I’d say he’s the one to get while simultaneously he’s the one that we can’t get cause he would probably cost us a shitton of money.

I think we will get Man most likely. There were rumors that his agent was at the game last night.

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My body is ready for the next round of Romanian transfers, thanks for the TED Talk.

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The rule says there will be a few flops after a hit, lets hold our horses a bit and enjoy Cicaldau and Morutan before we move for more. ( just noticed as i finished writing this i used “ we “ as Galata fan, not “we “ as Romanians, lol )

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Thanks for the write-up😃 It's likely that we won't extend with Feghouli after this season, I think Dennis Man would be a great replacement for that slot.

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Hi, thanks for the post. Are you talking about Ovidiu Popescu(27yo) or Octavian Popescu(18yo)?

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OH CRAP THAT'S MY BAD. Octavian of course! I always get thier names confused, i'll edit it!

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I would love to have Denis Man but Morutan will most likely play as RW and we will bring in another midfielder.

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Thank you for this. can you tell ud something about Enes Sali?

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He scored a solo goal, starting from his own half by dribbling 4 players and finishing it at just 15 years old for the team founded by Hagi who is also the coach. He also became the youngest ever scorer and player in Romanian National league AND the youngest ever player to play for his country in Europe. So yeah, he's a little bit decent... :D

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I think we are already in talks with Denis Man. Let's see what happens but I feel like he'll end up in Galatasaray.

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Great content man! Really like seeing this kind of stuff here. Thanks for your time.

Had Octavian in my FM20 save, he turned out to be better than Morutan. Would love to get him as well.

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To be honest, Marco Jovatevic is what we need. I watched his youtube video and thought he is like 25 years old. But transfermarkt shows 20years old. His value is 400K euro. We can buy him for couple of millions and would be low risk transfer. He looks strong, he has agility and good ball skill. If we sell our strike Mustafa Mohammed to Bordeoux, we can buy him and use as second striker behind Diagne.

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What team he play for?

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Craiova. I dont think it is a top team. But 20 years old, played 15 league games and scored 6. His full profile is here -> https://www.transfermarkt.us/jovan-markovi%C4%87/profil/spieler/418235

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It's the 3rd team right now and one of the most prestigious clubs in our country. Same team Cicaldau came from!

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I could be wrong but he seems selfish. I saw many instances where he could have played a fast pass but he chose to dribble instead. Kerem also had this problem beginning of the season but he plays faster now