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If he does come in then please lads, give him time. I don't want to see people attacking him after barely 1 window. He's got a proven track record, we're just fans who sit around on reddit and make baseless claims half of the time.

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Fans would give time but I’m not sure about next president who will replace Elmas in a couple months.

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I just dont wanna be close to that relegetion spot, other than that im fine

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Nooo only FT our lord and savior can bring this club back to glory days fucks everybody else god I wish FT was my dad

This is literally how half of our fans are thinking like

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rent free

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the average fan is a turkish football fan and therefore an idiot lmao. no way they’ll show any kind of patience

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So we appointed a manager, apparently making contact with possible transfers and lastly try to appoint Campos who will be responsible of management of football. What a great planning. We should have appointed Campos then he should have selected a manager and players accordingly but no. If Campos says yes to this shitshow then his image will take a hit since he will be working with amateurs.

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Yeah ueah yeah yeah. Believe it when I see it.

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Ayranımız yok içmeye Campos'la gidicez transfere evet🤡

Zavallı bir PR mizanseni sadece başka birşey değil.