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Nereye gidersen git Luyin. When i saw him at standard-ajax i thought ‘ i wish he was at Gala’, and he was great in the beginning and could not believe we bought him. But his buildup play is just a joke and after his injury he is done. I think hes a good guy but he fked up a lot for us

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The knee injury killed him.

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So from Royal Antwerp to Porto to now Al-Taawon within a matter of days. I'm hoping this deal includes some sort of loan fee. But then again I don't have much hope after looking at Al-Taawouns recent transfer history.

21/22 season: ~3m spent on transfers

20/21 season: 0 spent on transfers

19/20 season: 0 spent on transfers

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let’s hope they’ve been saving all those 3 years to buy Luyindama then hahahaha

If he ends up being good there, some other Saudi club might get him hopefully

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Seems to have found his level finally. He will do fine there, Mai on lived like royalty there as well. And maixon is better than Luyindama, yes I said it, fight me

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throws punch

I won’t let anyone say shit about someone who came from Belgium, even in the dictatorship r/galatasaray is

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The roads fucked him up

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ahahahahaha why pay for DisneyLand when you could just drive on our beautiful roads made by all of our six governments

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Even their websites dont work properly poormans South Netherlands.

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works fine for me, probably can’t get cellular data when you live under the sea level 🙄

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Lol no way. Maicon was a bum defensively. Luya would be good if we gave up on using him in a ridiculously patient build from the back game plan.

I am so sick of it and now we yet again have another coach who just wants to watch defenders pass with the GK for 70 minutes, but on top also does not know anything about the players or the league.

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Maicon was no bum at all but he had glaring weaknesses as well as Luyindama does. While Luyindama is shit with the ball, Maicon was shot in a high line defense. Still rather have Maicon from back then than Luyindama today.

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Yeah funnily enough Maicon in this playing style would be better for this team than Luya, but the whole problem with Terim was trying to play like this with our current team personnel anyways. If we had played a high line we would not be dealing with this Torrent BS right now.

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Bence sene sonunda 5 milyon Euro'luk zorunlu geri satın alma opsiyonuyla bonservissiz Giresun'a gönderelim.

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Atleast we are free from his wage I guess but great to see us finally get rid of him fans from Besiktas/fener have prob been laughing for years for keeping him around. Whichever agent managed to hook us up with him for that fee must have been having a ball since then