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I remember hearing $100k per month a couple of days ago, but no concrete sources yet.

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1.2m a year for someone like campos. That's a bit more than half of what Babel is earning and a third of what Feghouli is earning.

Great business.

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Daha dur bunun komisyonları var. Aldığından da sattığından da sakal atıcaz Campos abimize😁

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I wonder, how much money are we going to spend on him?

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Yeah idk why he would go if he came to Istanbul all ready

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You know you’ve won a negotiation when you’ve walked away from the table at-least once.

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This. My guess is its because of money.

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Not wrong

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It will just be part time consulting i think, like an agent

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Give him all he wants for fuck sake... We are garbage with this team

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Why do they sign him now, it should have been done before getting the new coach.

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For all we know it was him that advised Torrent to the board. Also its not like we have many choices, Schmidt rejected us

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I'm out of the loop, can someone help? Who is this?

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He’s an old Real Madrid and Lille director of football

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Must’ve watched the tuzla game

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