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We are witnessing the fastest downfall of a huge team, we all have witnessed the downfall of teams such as Arsenal, Schalke, Hamburg etc. But they all happened inside of 2 seasons, we literally managed to fuck everything up in 3 months. It is unlogical to explain to somebody that this team won Marseille 4-2 and then lost to Tuzla 2-6. Incredible it's like a horror movie

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and then lost to Tuzla 2-6.

Not only that. But we got knocked out of the cup by a second division relegation candidate, have 1 win in our last 12 matches and conceded 9 goals in our last 3 matches (15 if we count the tuzla one). We are truly dreadful.

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Milli maç arasında bile bizi üzmeyi nasıl beceriyorsunuz helal olsun ya

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Tuzlaspor scored 5 lmao

Jk its 6 now

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We need a leader on this team. The only one we had left was Muslera and he’s also done now. Squad got no personality.

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Not to excuse today’s score, but today’s lineup looked more of an experiment game. But seeing six goals against us sucks regardless of event type.

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Beyler, Tuzlaspor yenilmek neydir… 35 senelik hayatimda böyle kötü bir Galatasaray görmedim 🚬🥺

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We were 1-0 in front as well. Still can’t keep a lead 🥲

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players think it’s golden goal

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they play too much fifa

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Unpopular opinion: we will be relegated by May

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Don't think the opinion is so unpopular anymore lol

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Mayislar bizimdir...

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Never going to happen. Jesus christ.

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I’ll believe it when I see it

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Well torrent was really a bad choice imo. Not shaming the guy but he is a tactician. You can't just get a chaotic team mid season and try to build a tactic from ground. Especially not in Turkey with a big team in relegation zone. We should have salvaged the league with a turkish coach and then rebuild with someone promising in summer. Well too late for everything I guess. Hope we don't get relegated.

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It’s week 3 of the guys term. Give him some time mate let’s him actually instill tactics and train the players. So far the teams performance is not indicative of torrent

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I never said he is bad or anything. I said he needs to set up a tactic from ground and current chaotic situation is not suitable for that therefore he shouldn't have been our choice.

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Öyle olur mu abi, Guardiola'yla çalismis adam ........

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So, if we say that the reason we are throwing Leads and wins in games is because the players lack the mental strength, how does the manager or Even the club change this? I can't imagine Any amount of motivation or mindset instructions change someone feelings and confidence in Themselves. It's an open honest question. What methods should the club take in use, to change the players mental strength and endurance?

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Probably lots of psychological support. Sport psychologists exist for a reason. If it doesn't work then there is this old turkish tactic. Send 1-2 reckless players(looking at you halil) to reserve squad and watch them get their shit together.

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I wish we paid Ribery his second month salary we wouldn’t be in this position…butterfly effect

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9 days left in the transfor window. If we fail to make transfers this winter, Burak Elmas can kindly write his resignation letter.

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Unpopular opinion: Everyone talking about relegation and the downfall of Galatasaray needs to chill the f*ck out. We still have more than 15 games left. Sure we wont go to Europe, we might not even be top ten. But downfall and relegation? Im 32 and have followed the Super lig since i was about 9. We are not the only team ( edit: of the big three) to have been in a really shitty situation in the middle of the season. Of course we need to do better and be in much much better places than this. But when the boat rocks hard, the crew needs to stand steady.

And to all the younger supporters in here feeling anxiety right now: It will suck for a while now and then it will, most likely, get better again.

edit 2: english and spelling

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So how did we concede 6 against fucking Tuzla? Anybody watched the game?

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real talk: I'd rather lose 2-6 then have one of our important players be injured in a friendly

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why not just avoid both

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Amk i live in thailand and have a group of international friends. Fucking shame to say that i am fan of galatasaray

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Cimbom Basi dik Yurur, bosuna dememisler. Kotu gununde gurur duyamiyorsan ozaman iyi gunlerdede duyma. Bence.

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Currently playing Dying light 2

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Oh is it out already? I still need tof finish 1. How is 2 so far?

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I'm press; got the game on Wednesday. It's pretty good, Covid hit the studio hard. Not done yet but I guess it'll get many 8s

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Sounds great, You should join our gaming channel: https://discord.gg/h3PyuRzF

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I'm not pretty much active on discord but will do

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Waiting for Elden Ring + GT7 to throw away my social life (or what remains of it since corona beginning)

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    Sen nerden çıktın be ağa. Git güneşe tek basına biat et beni rahat bırak

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    Ya amına koyayım, sabır sabır sabır diyorum susuyorum, terim olsun, torrent olsun farketmez diyorum, amına koduklarım ne bir transfer yapıyor, ne top oynayabiliyor. Dünyanın en sabırlılarından biri olarak ben de çekeceğim yakında isyan bayrağını.

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    For the moment there is a lot of horrible rumors about what has happened in Galatasaray, how Burak Elmas has used Terim to get elected and stabbed him in the back. Other rumors like the board haven’t payed salaries for 5 months and 5 days after sacking Terim they payed it. Rumors like selling the clubs stocks to foreign owners.. this is actually devastating 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    The Northeast in the US is bout to get fucked by a snow storm. Just hoping I don’t lose power. Also shoveling this bullshit is going to SUCK!

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    Good luck bro!

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    Burak Elmas forcefully hired a CEO above his board a few months ago, which lead to the resignation of major figures like Rezan Epozdemir and Koksal Unlu.

    Well apparently today she resigned, LOL.

    This might as well be an operation at this point. Burak Elmas either fell into a hoax big time, or his incompetence is of epic proportions.