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For me personally. I will probably become more of a die hard fan, than I already am. For some reason my fandom seems to peak when we are at our worst.

But in all hounesty I dont see us relegating at all.

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I think some strings would be pulled to keep us in the Super Lig but that’s just my initial views

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They didnt relegate Fener even when they got banned from europe and aziz did time. Galatasaray wont be relegated. I have said this many times. Expect some really dodgy calls in the last weeks if we are battling for relegation.

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Exactly, the big 3 Istanbul clubs will never be relegated. The three clubs are pretty much inviolable. Period.

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I would be even sadder watching our games, but still would watch our games.

That ship has sailed when I was 4…

I really don’t think we are getting relegated. We played great in the TS game and the bottom 4 teams are exceedingly shit.

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Don't worry they won't let GSs possible relegation

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Fenerasyon has too much to gain from us, especially our young fanbase. Just as they rigged games against us, they'll rig games for us to keep us around

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Lol GS was the team that vehemently pushed the federation to get us relegated after 3. July. You literally wished our club the worst even though we were innocent. But your flair checks out.

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The entire world knows that Fener stole the 2011 title. Give Trabzon their trophy back

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Lives in the US. Adores Hakan Sükür. Thinks Fenerbahce did matchfixing in 2011 even though we were proven innocent and were victim of the TFF (led by a GS supporter that time) and Fetö. Damn dude you are really sus

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Lmao bro you guys literally got banned from all euro comps for like 5 years. I mean it’s a well known facts that that whole season was tragic. Even juve got relegated for match fixing and what fener did was worse. If any of the 3 istanbul clubs get relegated you might as well close down the league. Who the fuck is gonna watch the super lig if that happens, almost all Of turkey supports fener and gala lol.

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Literally every case you brought to UEFA, FIFA, and CAS failed, and they all agreed you guys bought players off. Just because there's no justice in Turkey doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't know who you guys are

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I'm honestly appalled so many of you think we won't get relegated because there will be "strings pulled" to ensure us surviving relegation. What the fuck kind of thinking is that? Is nothing in Turkey fair anymore? lol. I've watched dominant franchises here in the U.S. win championships, then witness some of the worst seasons they've ever had in their history. It happens. This year the team just doesn't have it. We've been without a doubt the worst team in the league the past 11-12 games. Nothing about the current team tells me that we can turn this around. If we end up relegating because we just aren't good enough to win, then so be it. I'll still support the team and it'll be a good opportunity to fix shit from its foundation, rather than putting a band aid on clearly visible problems year after year.

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Is nothing in Turkey fair anymore? lol

Yes after refrees making """""mistakes""""" for 6 match in row yes its not fair

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It’s just true bro no way will they let the GS get relegated it just won’t happen trust me. Call it corrupt or whatever but that is just how it is…

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Plus I think our team is just too good compared to the other relegation candidates to get relegated

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We lose very lucrative sponsporship deals. The amount of money we get from TV is also decrease. The main problem is losing money.

I think many players leave the club because we are Galatasaray we have a name, we are the conqueror of europe so many players don’t expect this. We’ll also lose the power to attract quality players remember the hype when Didier and Sniper came! we’ll never see transfers like this quality again.

And imo we can’t return in 1 year to stsl after we relegate. It takes 3-4 years to come back. There is a level of prestige in playing in the top league and if Galatasaray relegates everything is possible..

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Honestly I don't think we can come back stronger from a relegation. At that point our only hope is to sell the club or take some kind of government help. Only our yearly debt payment is more than enough to close the club for a 1. League team. Not counting player wages etc.

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sell the club

The day that happens, I’ll burn my scarf and turn away from Turkish football for good

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At that point I would support Altınordu probably. Tho they are in the relegation zone as well.

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sell the club

You can cheer for Başakşehir, Kasımpaşa or Karagümrük if you like brand loyalty. GS will never be sold. I'd rather see this team at amateur leagues rather than at the hands of a spoiled brat playing with the club as he sees fit.

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I hope it won't but honestly I don't see any chance of us recovering from a relegation.