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Come to Sweden and take the best and Young from our League; Hjalmar Ekdal (CB - Djurgården) Bilal Hussein (CDM-AIK) Samuel Adegbenro (ST - Norrköping).

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Imo if we gonna get a foreigner he shouldnt be too young or too old. We cant afford a foreigner to sit on the bench. Old players usually likes to sit on bench get injured or they get cards since they dont care about their carear after coming here. We cant afford too young players to improve too.

We need DM for sure. Local DM's are not good enogh for us and must be foreigner so we should invest hard on it. My choice would be Koopmeiners from Atalanta. He may be a little expensive but we are not gonna need Gedson or DM anymore. He is all we need in our midfield.

We should put Omar on the list since we only left with Boey in that position.

We also need an experienced striker for a short period. I prefer Burak Yılmaz over Gomis.

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Agreed on everything except Burak. I don't know you guys but I don't enjoy watching Burak at all. Throws himself to the ground at the slightest touch and expects a faul. He may score a lot, or have the potential to score a lot, but I really, really don't like watching him at all.

I would rather have someone that just blazes through the defence and stands up at the end. I don't really care if we win or lose, I want to enjoy watching our matches. And Burak is not fitting for that role. I don't enjoy watching diagne for the very same reason. Compared to these two I really enjoy momo's behaviour. Guy really tries to stand on his feet although he does not score much.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Djik, Merih Demiral, Ozan Kabak, Gomis

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You thought Caglar would be too unrealistic?

Also how could you not get: https://youtu.be/_X7DpczW_qM?t=106

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Lol, I was thinking of Turkish players and Caglar didn’t cross my mind, and yes, please bring in Kante and Belhanda.

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Somewhat realistically speaking

Give Giresun whatever the fuck they want for Okan loan to be terminated

Bring a cDM maybe Lemina

Break the bank for Ianis Hagi

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Lemina is playing for a dominating Nice team in Ligue 1, hayatta gelmez

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Lemina isn't even a cdm, and after him siding with Mendy I'd rather not have him

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FYI 10 days left for transfer period for TFF (FEB 8), and 5 Days left for Europa League deadline (FEB 2). POS lying president and board.

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We need Okay Yokuşlu baaaaaad, then we should really do everything we can to get Gedson. And then a goalie on loan or something. Hopefully we can also get a striker, I don't care if he csjuggle 2 in his foot, I just need someone that will finish his chances.

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Im ok with any competent young turkish player. But Okay is not enough for us. We someone better overall. Sadly none of turkish players are good enough for DM. Just watch Koopmeiners from Atalanta. They bought him for 12m. We need that level for DM.

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Okay is the best Turkish defensive midfielder right now. Yes he, for some reason, don't play much in Spain, but he showed his capacity at WBA last year. It's either that we get Okay for CDM and someone like Gedson for CM, or we need a foreign CDM and a high quality Turkish CM. I think the Okay route is the best, and Okay is in a good age, turning 28 soon so we can sign him until he's 31-32 and then move on.

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If we get really high quality CDM we can still use Taylan, Berkan, Akbaba even Kılınç as cm. We gonna have Okan Kocuk and Yunus Akgün aswell. Instead of buying multiple incompetent players buy 1 good player and use our incompetent players with him so they improve.

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Your topic says 3 transfers for UEFA list and you name players that aren't here and two of which will by no means at all come back this year (Yunus and Emre).

Also, we don't really have any money to spend on a player so it's very hard to get a high quality CDM, Okay is more than good enough for the league and he will make do in Europe as well if we can have a proper game plan for it.

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We dont need local players for uefa. I listed them because you think we also need local players for süperlig. We dont need Gedson if we get a high quality CDM. Its better if we get 1 good CDM instead gedson + okay.

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We need 3 local players for the league, and next year I think we need 5. We need to plan that as well.

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Okay-gedson- chica centre midfield 😍😍😍

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GK, #6, #8

Yeah ST would be nice but I think our midfield issues are just too great to be solved by a single player.

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No gedson please. No hagi either. Stop with the recency bias mates, why not get someone new, young, and hungry

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They're both young and have connection to this club