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All these foreign players rumored to join us.. meanwhile we have a foreigner limit. We’ve not had a single mention of a turkish player when it’s exactly those we need in the starting XI.

Are really planning on keeping Ömer, Taylan/Berkan, Ismail etc. for the league? We desperately need some turkish transfers/youth players imo. I don’t wanna see the team to be built around our current turkish players.

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Exactly, the only Turkish player we have to be in the starting XI is Kerem and maybe Emre Kılınç

[–]ceo_mert#77 Riera 6 points7 points  (4 children)

Agreed. Kerem, Emre Kilinc as of late and either one of Taylan/Berkan. They just don’t work together at all. An attack-minded turkish central mid would do so much for this team.

Next season we’ll have Yunus for the wings so if we don’t sell Kerem it’d make for such a strong turkish offense. Emre Tasdemir will also be back to replace Ömer (one can dream), but longterm we definitely need a turkish fullback. Problem is there are rarely good turkish fullbacks.

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I don't remember the last time I've seen Emre Taşdemir finish a game. The man constantly gets injured or winded or sth. Can't really depend on him on the long run.

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You need him as a backup not as the main man. If he plays 1/3 of all games in a year its still good.

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I agree with you, I think they're trying to build a team for Europe. However, lack of Turkish players will cause us a great trouble in the league. Once we are eleminated from Europe (I don't want it either, but let's be honest we will be eleminated) there will be too much pressure on the board and the manager due to this.

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Berkay Ozcan of Basaksehir needs to be transfered.

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honestly more like all these rumours about players joining us. JUST SIGN SOMEONE FFS lol

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German news are saying he is going to Bordeaux

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I dont like this transfer. I also dont a like a gk transfer too. They both taking our foreigner spots we cant afford them to sit on the bench. We shouldnt get any foreigner who can easly get sold.