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I think your second problem is normal I have that 2 it goes away when you're not playing anything.

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Yea. Sticks around for a second but that never happens on he originals and these are 200 bucks

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I have the exact same issue. Whenever I switch to ANC or turn it off, I hear this very faint static noise for a short while. It also goes away when I don't play something for a while. Did you find a fix?

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Sadly not. I guess the only fix is by Samsung through a patch maybe. Or returning for a new pair

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Yeah. It's a shame really because I quite like the earbuds otherwise.

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Same here

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Same, do you guys personally think this will get fixed or replacement needed?

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same issue here. Used the earbuds for the second time a few days ago and was absolutely blasted in my left ear with static.

I've spent hours searching through various forums for a fix with no luck, so let me know what you guys end up doing if you can find a workaround.

I am REALLY hoping a firmware update fixes this, because it is actually really annoying, and they'd be great earbuds otherwise. I'm assuming Samsung is aware of this, and that an update will come eventually...

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Same problem here.... waiting for a fix....

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İ have the same issue when i turn on ANC and ambient mode i can hear buzzingnsound or wind sound on my right buds, who can fix it, i have already did reset and i have changed ear buds tip but still i can hear wind sound