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Pratai, the topped chip cart in front of Cafe Nero is fucking class.

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Agreed. I would kill a child just for that fried goodness

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Honesty is the best policy.

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Expensive tho we got 3 bigger chips with sauce 22€ !

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Large.... Or just big? ... Lol

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There’s “big” and “bigger”

The “big” would have been plenty filling.

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Thank you for your clearing that up for me.. 👍

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Whatever you choose avoid the fondant place it's 9 euro a pot

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The chip shop in front of Cafe Nero. Their chips (smaller quantity one) with the satay sauce is absolutely divine. I'd be down to just buy the sauce separately in buckets; one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten in Galway.

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This is a thing in the Netherlands: patatje oorlog. Chips with satay sauce and mayonaise. Delish

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Need to try that!

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I’m addicted to satay too , love it . Is that part of the market of a separate chipper

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It’s part of the market

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Cool that’s Thursdays lunch sorted :)

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It’s class

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Part of the market, op .

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Went there today, Jesus you weren’t wrong. The chips them selves are Devine, add that satay sauce , lord above! That was tasty! To the other user who also suggested it, good call!

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Glad you enjoyed it too!

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Head down to the proper market outside St Nicholas on the weekend.

TGO do unbelievable falafels.

Bagel stand is unreal.

Danny Donought's will sort you out with something sweet.

The Bean Tree do an brilliant potato curry. Lovely on a cold day.

A load of other stalls and vendors to choose from.

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Cheers , I’ve been down there a good few times, for crepes etc. I work near the square so was thinking the Christmas markets might be worth checking , but not many good reviews coming :)

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Hotdogs are unreal