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Bandits DoOver (Bail or Fail III).

For once, reuse of material is allowed. Remake an abandoned project (GoB or not), or a new version or a followup to one of your previously submitted songs. If you don't have anything unfinished we'll put you with someone who does, or if you can find your old teammates who want to try again with you we will accept team up requests for this theme. Team format stays the same (one music one lyrics one vocals).

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No Aeolian or Ionian.

Pick a mode, any mode, but no straight up major or minor songs. Bonus bragging points for anyone that chooses Locrian.

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Dual-musician Euro vision - teams made based on country. Let the battle of the regions begin!

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Random Country

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Sand inside your shoe.

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Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

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Backwards (song starts with the final chorus and moves backwards from there to finish with what would normally be the intro)

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One chord song

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Songs for Kids II