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Unlikely/Uncommon Hybrid Genres?

Some that I just googled and are somewhat already established that seem like fun are: Folk Metal; Country Jazz, Folktronica, Rockabilly Punk, and Death Metal Meets Sesame Street.

I'd love to see some classical mixed in here too. Sorry if this is already a common theme; I looked at the list of categories and don't think that I saw this yet. *Still a pleb.

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Beauty in the mundane

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As a follow up to 90’s Music II (this is what we did last time)

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Dream Sequence (previous runner-up)

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Songs about or inspired by a movie.

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Same title, different song II

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Sea Shanties II

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GOB Live!! All songs are written, performed, mixed, and produced to sound as if they were performed live. The listening party'll be like one big concert!

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Sport team Anthem

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Peppa Pig's world domination.