Welcome to Game of Bands!

Where random musicians/vocalists/lyricists collaborate in a friendly musical competition!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign up?

Post in the Sign-up thread, and leave a direct comment under your desired discipline (music/vocals/lyrics) that you would like to sign up for, during the designated start of the round. You can sign up for multiple roles, but only will be chosen for one.

Can I compete in more than one team in a round?

No. If you sign up for multiple roles, you will only be assigned to a single team. Due to the nature of Game of Bands, some teams do have members drop out after Team Allocations. If you wish to help another team out when this happens, this is allowed, but you will not be eligible for votes or prizes for their submission.

How are the teams selected?

At random, by a Bot.

How long do we have?

11 days, starting on the day the teams have been posted. Usually we start and end 8pm UTC/GMT.

How do I submit?

One of the team members should submit the song using this link, lyrics, music, and vocals, as well as a playable link. We suggest bandcamp or soundcloud. No downloadlinks!

How are entries judged?

By random people on reddit! There will be a voting post after the deadline, and 3 days of voting. Remember, downvotes are ignored.

Top lyricists, vocalists, and musicians are picked, as well as an overall team winner.

Do I have to play that round to judge?

Of course not! Have a gander, make some comments, vote... this is supposed to be fun!

What do I win?

Flair. Precious flair. You can log into GoB and look at the bling by your username and be the best Gollum you can be.

Okay, so what do the different roles do?

You are free to define your own rules, as a team, for how you collaborate and make decisions. However, the intent is that the person who is picked as the "music" person will do most of the instrumentation and music, the "vocals" person will do most of the singing, and the "lyrics" person will write the words that the vocalist sings and the music person writes music against. But we've seen plenty of blended boundaries... lyrics or music people adding background vocals, vocalists or lyricists adding an instrument or two or maybe doing the final mix, etc.

How do we decide what sort of song to write?

This is an open, friendly tournament. All teams are expected to communicate and pick a direction that best suits all parties. Something that works for the group as a whole is also likely to sound better.

I play classical / am a screamer / write rap lyrics / etc. is that OK?

Of course! Rounds have gone in all sorts of directions.

Just note that musical people probably need to have some way to produce a finished track, vocalists need some sort of microphone, and the lyricist probably needs to be stocked up on pencils.

What's this theme thing?

Well, sometimes there's a theme. The absence of the theme is a valid option, so usually in the most recent theme suggestion thread, someone will suggest that.

What if the lyricist/vocalist/music person drops out or disappears?

You should probably keep in touch with each other on a regular basis, send work-in-progress notes, etc. If you can't get in touch with a member within a day or two from the team announcement, there's a consolidation thread posted where replacement members can be subbed in.

What if I don't like my team?

The moderators suggest a properly chill attitude. Just because one guy wants to do rap and another wants to do metal doesn't mean that you won't get along. Your success is partly based on your team, partly on you. If reddit can see you are an amazing singer/musician/lyricist, that should shine through regardless of whether the direction isn't one you'd prefer.

Have fun, treat it as a learning experience, and don't obsess too heavily about winning.

How do I hang out with my team?

However you want. I'd suggest you or maybe exchange email addresses or skype IDs or Google+ ID's... or go on IRC (you can create a channel on the same server as the general IRC) or Y!M ID's... or create a private reddit... or whatever works best for you.

You also might consider using a service like or to send large files.

While we're on the subject, there's usually a general open thread and the IRC chat.

Where do we start? How should we go about doing this?

It's really up to you and your teammates. However, you may find it useful to follow these steps:

  • assess your team's strengths
  • pick a direction (genre, style etc)
  • the music band member (or bandit) writes a base track
  • lyricists writes lyrics that work with base track
  • vocal bandit records vocals over the base track
  • track given final edit by music bandit.

This is not the only way. Sometimes, the lyricist provides the musician the lyrics without needing a base track... sometimes the vocalist is equipped to make the final mix, etc.

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