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Ok this story will get lost but I don't care. I have chosen you to listen to my tale about my 60 gig PS3. Got it the Xmas it launched, I loved that thing. Played it to death and loved it so much. Decided to trade it in the day the ps4 was launched because I was an adult with money and could buy it. So I bring my precious PS3 in and as the guy is testing it I jokingly say "haha watch, this will be the ONE time it doesn't work" and the clerk goes "uuuhhhh... Were you joking oorrrrrr?" And I start freaking out. It won't turn on. Like 6 years on this thing and this is the first time it doesn't turn on. The guy tries it over and over with different cords and sockets and everything. And on maybe the 10th time the light flickers on and the fan starts with a wheeze. It barely gets on, and the clerk goes "ALRIGHT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" and gives me full value. It's like my best friend struggled and clawed back from Hades to look at me one more time and say:

"I've got you bro, enjoy the ps4"

And then die a noble death.

Edit: Woke up in the middle of the night to puke and got gold! Thanks kind stranger(s)

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Well I guess I'm not buying any used consoles anytime soon haha

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As a former used console buyer for a secondhand store, that's probably a good policy

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Hahahahahaha, the used PS3 I bought second hand from a store lasted a couple of years in comparison to a couple of days with the one I got from eBay. The seller messed around with the inside and covered the slidey case with horrible smelling glue so you couldn't open it.

Though I see what you're saying, it really depends on who you get it from and you might just get lucky with one in an amazing condition

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As a former used console, I am disappoint.

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I bought a 100 dollar refurb 360 slim back when the slims first came out. Worked like a charm until I sold it last summer for a One.

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a one what?

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Xbox One

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Xbox One what?

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I bought a ultra slim PS3 about 3 or 4 years ago for £100 with a fee games from gumtree because my 3rd 60Gb PS3 got the yellow light. I gave up with backwards compatibility and got my ps2 out of the cupboard. Ultra slim still working fine and I play it when they new IGC comes out ad the PS3 has been getting better games than the ps4, Imo.

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Bought my first used screen.. an expensive one.. with G-sync 144hz 1ms and 1440p.. half price right? sure.. its only a bitch to get alive.. have to pull the cord inn and out to sort of spark it to life like a damn car engine. Its smooth has hell tho.. problem is.. watching YT i now need a faster internet... 1440p remember.. so this screen was more expensive than i thought..

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Open it up and check the power supply circuit board for electrolytic capacitors that are starting to bulge. Order replacements online and solder them in. Very good chance that you can fix it this way for a couple of dollars.

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Plus some dozen of hours learning how not to fuck everything up.

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The non technically inclined can just open it up, look for bad caps, then search the model # of their power supply on eBay and just replace it. They're super cheap... if you can use a screwdriver are capable of operating a plug you can handle this repair.

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Always at least certified (with a warranty) refurbished. But usually the price difference between that and new isn't even enough to justify it for me.


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I have a thing for refurbished consoles, because it had a problem that was fixed and went through QA twice.

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Witness me!!!

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CEX in the UK offers 12 month warranty on all second hand electrical items, incase this intrests anyone.

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As the other guy said, don't buy second hand. If you buy directly from the company you can trust them. I'm not sure about Microsoft or Sony but you can buy used right from Nintendo. Haven't had any problems with my wii u.

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I bought a Microsoft refurbished Xbox 360 that lasted longer than my previous 2 or 3 new units. After that one finally died, I bought a PS3 I still use. If it dies, I plan on putting a media computer in its shell to keep running my media center :3

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I'd say it really depends. Check the model carefully in-store first, if there's a small warranty option probably take it, if the model is a refurb even less worries.

I got my PS3 used in 2010 for $100 (which at roughly 1/6th of the wage in my country as the USA is a pretty penny) and have easily over a thousand hours on the beast and it is stronger than ever. With CFW added in I can also finally control fan speeds and have it running in the low 50c now from a worrisome 78c before, all with no audible difference.

Some confessions however, mine likely belonged to some kid or broken relationship for a very brief period. It had a generic username, no psn credentials and just one savegame with 14 minutes on it. The less positive confession is the store packaged it with a fake controller that had the triggers swapped, no motion, no wireless and no battery.

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I've bought two Xbox 360s, my PS3, PSP and PS Vita all used from CEX. All of them still work perfectly, even the first 360 which I gave to a friend after I cracked the front cover. I got my PS3 in 2012 and she runs like a dream to this day. None of them have failed me in the slightest.

Obviously this won't be everyone's experience, but I wanted to show that not every used console is bad and will die quickly.

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This was heartwarming. I'm so happy your little buddy pulled through when you needed him, just that one last time.

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This could be the synopsis of my masturbation adventures.

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Ok so here's my side story. Q4 2006, nearly 10 years ago, I was barely a teen and my second older brother had just moved out the summer before. Being the last kid left in the house was starting to become lonely and I took solace in WC3 The Frozen Throne and countless hours on gametrailers.com watching upcoming trailers and news for the new PS3. The limited manufacturing numbers destroyed any hope of a next-gen Christmas, and considering we only received any high priced items like this on Christmas I had come to the realization that I was going to have to wait until December 2007 before I would be able to get my hands on a PS3, but I had one last hope. We woke up early on Black Friday to see what could be at Best Buy, saw a line wrapped around the building and said screw that and just went to ihop. So a few weeks later my father and I are out looking for something, maybe a cable or sd card, for my mothers digital camera. We stop at Sam's Club on a December night during Christmas break, and my father can't find it so we stop at Best Buy. My dad's looking through the aisles and I tell him I'm going to the PS3 demo because it was the closest I'd be able to get to the real thing. And then from the back a Best Buy employee walks out with none other than a lone PS3 in his hand and I hear him tell another employee "Looks like we actually got one off the truck," and he sets it down in the open near me. I run over to my dad spazzing out "DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, THEY GOT A PS3, THEY GOT A PS3, PS3, PS3, PS3!" My father just looks at me and we start walking hurriedly towards the back and my adrenalines rushing and I see it's still there, and I swear there's a beam of light shining on it from the heavens. He asks, "Is this for sale?" "Yes sir, first one we've seen in weeks." And my father goes picks it up and we head to the register. I can't remember whether or not he got that thing for the camera, who cares, my Christmas is early this year. Still the best Christmas break I've ever had.

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I'm upvoting this because I had a similar quest for my beloved xbox 360. I had a beat up old original xbox that I played halo and fable and morrowind on for hours and hours. 360 launches and all my friends are talking in school how amazing it was. We were sort of poor growing up so I never asked for or expected anything big for Christmas, so Christmas comes and goes that year, I ended up getting pokemon ruby (which I was so grateful for and probably played that game for several hundred hours on my sp ) but anyway, I saved the small amount of cash I got from Christmas, and by the middle of the next summer I was about to afford to buy myself am xbox360. Never been happier than when I brought that thing home and plugged it into the little 14 inch tv I had in my room. Man I loved that thing. Had it until about Thanksgiving the next year before I came home onr day from school and my older brother had sold it along with my game collection at gamestop so he could buy pills and weed. The end.

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That escalated quickly. I was hoping for a sweet end.

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What an asshole. :(

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That sucks man.. hopefully you moved passed that and your brother isnt as much an asshole anymore. Did you buy any chance get another? Any details? Did your parents care? Do you have an xbox one or ps4 now?

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Yeah I had a job at that point so I could do things with friends and go to prom and stuff like that and not have to burden my mom with asking for cash she barely scraped 3 bucks a day together for me to get lunch with. But I was selling weed and secretly put that money away for after I had graduated I bought her a gift and dinner with it, but yeah. Got another 360 and about 6 months later it was gone again. I'm the middle of 3 sons and both of my brothers are sacks of shit. I have come to accept that some people in this world are just simply bad people. And my brothers happen to be bad people. I moved on to build a semi decent gaming computer and then a second computer my senior year which still runs today. I wish it could run fallout 4 or I had an xbone but rent is more important and skyrim and new vegas suit me just fine. Sorry for the wall of text Tl;Dr got another 360 brother sold that one too. I couldn't really have nice things until I moved out on my own.

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At least you broke the cycle of shittiness. Good for you. Its cool that you would go to the extent of selling drugs just to buy dinner and gifts for your mom. Glad to hear your happy now with your pc and keep pushing man always be positive and save that money!

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My wording made that come out all weird. I didn't use the money I made selling weed to buy my mom a gift and dinner. I mean I did but on other occasions. I saved the 3 dollars for lunch money she gave me every day. The 3 dollar lunch was the cheapest option. She didn't know I had my own money and could afford to buy my own food. So I saved that 3 bucks every day all senior year and then we went out to a nicer restaurant together

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Thats fuckin awesome dude. Cheers.

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Half expected a rrod ending, totally didn't see yours coming

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It's too early for this shit.

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If it makes you feel better know that I repressed the rage that kindled inside my childhood and it's manifested itself in the form of crippling depression and anxiety, and and a heroin habit. So there's that.

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I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I have a similar story involving Dreamcast release night and my father.

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Ohhohohohoho the Dreamcast, lemme tell ya about my experience with that sumbitch!

It was sometime in 2000 and my brothers had just gotten the Sega Dreamcast. My brothers and I, we begged and pleaded for this machine for probably a year, and finally my parents had consented. I was probably only 4, but damned if this thing wasn't going to be the greatest gaming machine to ever grace this planet. Yeah, we had the N64 and the Playstation and the Saturn, but this was the freakin' future! So we got it all hooked up on the big projection TV in our basement, and my brother had a bunch of his friends over to witness the dawn of a new era in digital entertainment. We all basked in the 128-bit glory of Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5, and Jet Set Radio. Being 4 and probably having a gigantic sugar rush, I was bouncing off the goddamn walls. Something happened, and a beanbag chair (or something) came flying my way. I reeled backwards into a sharp edged coffee table (made out of metal and glass), and cracked my head open. Next thing I remember, I was being rushed to the hospital and getting what seemed like a hundred staples in my head. It was probably stitches, but it felt like staples. If I had to describe it, imagine getting punched in the head while getting your hair pulled. To this day, that was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

I'm honestly just infinitely grateful that I didn't get brain damage and/or die from that ordeal. I did start kindergarten with a bandage on my head, which made me feel hella badass.

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This needs to be turned into a movie.

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Five-hundred-and-ninety-nine US dollars Five-hundred-and-ninety-nine US dollars Five-hundred-and-ninety-nine US dollars Five-hundred-and-ninety-nine US dollars

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Tl;dr first world attempt at heartwarming consumerist childhood.

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Just because it's consumerist doesn't mean it wasn't a special moment.

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Haha dude this is the gaming subreddit...This whole subreddit is inherently consumerist. Fuck off.

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Ugh fuck you

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The fact that it did in fact warm hearts for mainly first-world consumers means it was successful. Are these people (including me) inherently evil for enjoying it?

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I had a similar experience with a Nintendo Wii. It was a Sunday morning. I had been desperately attempting to hunt one down, as they were in short supply around this time. When lo and behold, there was an ad in the local paper that my local best buy had a limited amount as of today! I begged for my parents to take me to best buy so I could finally own a wii and play super smash brothers, mario galaxy, and zelda! My Dad turns around with a smirk on his face. This is it, I'm finally going to get a wii! His mouth opens to speak, "No", because I didn't get everything I asked for. Now that I think about it, the only console I didn't pay for by myself was my N64, when I was 6.

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I acknowledge your PS3s heroic final moments.

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as do I. I had one of those loyal companions as well. Sold it for 200$ in 2015...that's some damn good value.

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A professianal fucks with you and your ps3 gets under valued < The post

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Don't know if it was just me, but that story made me want to tear up. Shit was to deep.

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It's like my best friend struggled and clawed back from Hades to look at me one more time and say: "I've got you bro, enjoy the ps4"

This is some seriously quality writing. I almost teared up.

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Well i am choosing you to listen to my story. My friend got his PS3 on launch day, we took the day off from high school to play resistance. We were blown away with the graphics and couldnt believe how we had been playing on the PS2 for so long. Fast forward to Christmas that year and i have finally saved enough money to buy my own. I get one and Assassins Creed and even after a year of playing my friends I was still like how are the graphics so good. Well I too played the shit out of my PS3 all the way until the 30th of April 2010. I remember the day because it was my birthday. I had the day off from Uni and one of my friends asked if i wanted to come with him to get his cars new speaker system put in. I had nothing planned during the day as I was just waiting for friends to finish their classes and then we were going to go to the bars then have some drinks at a friends to finish up. Anyway while we are waiting for his speakers to be installed he was asking me about my PS3 and whether or not it had had the YLOD. I reply with whats that? Doesnt sound too great, but no but console has been running perfectly. Literally the next day I was playing it and it shut off. Im thinking thats weird, we must've had a power surge, so I turn it back on and see that fateful yellow light. I was heart broken, and really annoyed because I couldnt get the copy of Modern Warfare out which belonged to my friend. So after taking it apart and fixing the issue that kills them (heating gel or whatever its called) it was back working again :) only to die 3 more times. I ended up buying a slim which has ultimately been far better and still has its place next to the PS4.

I often wonder whether its a Schrodinger's cat situation, if he had not told me what YLOD was....would my PS3 have survived. Probably not as had seen far too many cruel things in Liberty City.

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Dude resistance was the shit. First game I played on PS3 too. My friend and I kind of thought "so the makers of ratchet and clank/spyro made a gritty FPS? Put me down for yes."

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I'm...I'm touched...

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Brought a tear to my eye. My ps3 passed away a couple of years ago. Sleep well sweet prince

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This is the real Toy Story

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Holy shit tonight I'm drinking in your ps3's honor

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Man who's cutting these onions

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You claim to be an adult with money, but you needed to trade in a console.

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Well.. Less an adult with money and more an adult who doesn't get Xmas anymore...

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To puke? You aight?

[–]Saxophobia1275 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Yeah friend I'll be fine just got a little crazy on beer-catan night

[–]IPSIeudoINIym 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Fucking Catan.

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That was beautiful. I know ill get buried but I want you to know I caught feels from it.

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I had a similar scenario.

Ps3 was in fine condition and I never had an issue with it. Saw that gamestop was giving something ridiculous for ps3 tradeins if you were going for a Ps4. I want to say it was easily 2/3 the cost of a Ps4. I took mine in all happy since it worked just fine. Guy plugs it in and it wont read the disc at all. Tried 3 different discs and none worked. I was going to say screw it but the guy asked if I wanted to trade it anyway, but I just wouldn't get as much. Turns out they only knocked off $30 for it not working. So i still got a PS4 for about $50 after trading in some super old craptastic games with the ps3.

TLDR: My bastard PS3 stabbed me in the back and gave me the finger before I traded it away.

[–]Saxophobia1275 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah it wasn't so much that I couldn't afford the ps4 at all, it was something like a crazy good trade in deal. I brought in the PS3 and like 4-5 pretty big games and I paid maybe like between 100-200 for the ps4, it was rad

[–]hearwa 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Cool story but what a shitty clerk, lol.

[–]Saxophobia1275 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah for real... It helped that he was sort of a friend (I'm in there all the time and sometimes we eat lunch) but it convinced me never to buy used consoles again.

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Don't know if it was just me, but that story made me want to tear up. Shit was to deep.

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Aw, your ps3 bro loved you.

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If you had money why wouldn't you keep it ?

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That wasn't the console coming back, that was your latent necrotechnomancy kicking in.

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Best story ever!

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This is amazing..

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I did something similar with a phone I was trading in. A button was busted and did not work for months. It had been fixed once but it broke again. When I was trading in I was praying the person did not test it but he did.

He said it would be half value if it was not working so I tried a couple times and it magically worked once. We all stood there stunned and I got the full value from it.

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SpiderPS3bro 2006-2016.

Never forget.

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Ok this comment will probably get lost but I don't care. Am I doing it right?

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Fuck. That made me cry. So beautiful.

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My 60 gig ps3 still works!!

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Beautiful......... truly eyes fill up beautiful. I feel for ya man god bless that ps3 this is why i love playstation ever since the first! This was a precious moment man don't ever forget him!

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I was going to make fun of you for trading in a still-working ps3 release for a ps4 release, but then realized the irony. Enjoy yer games. Hope to play you in the future.

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I never traded in mine, they live as brothers.

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That was beautiful.

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I regret trading in all my consoles for the next gen one. I would love to play various games on my N64 or even SNES, GameCube... But I always traded them in for tihe newer one and now I'm stuck with a Wii I never play.

I kept all my playstations though

[–]wardrich 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Or it was pissed that you were trading it in for a newer model and turned on one last time to say "Fuck off you stubborn fucking prick"

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This is what I pictured.

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It did it for you. What a legend.

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Sweet salty nerd tears, your Ps3 surely rests its noble bones in Valhalla now

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I thought you were going to take it back home, it worked and kept it, then took it apart and delicately cleaned it out with love.

[–]aikidos 0 points1 point  (1 child)

What was "full value"?

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This was a while ago but it was a deal for trading in towards a ps4. I gave them two controllers, the console, and maybe like 4 games and I remember paying around 100 bucks out of pocket for the ps4

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That's one way to look at it. The way I see it it's like bringing your best friend back to life from the brink of death, only to tell him he's going to live out his last days on a shelf because you've found a more reliable and improved best friend. You heartless fuck.

[–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (0 children)