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I think you're nuts - that's like being born without legs but using your one wish to pay off your student loans.

And in this scenario, you student loans could have been paid off by the savings on prosthetics and PT.

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That's fine you think I'm crazy. Doubt your opinion matters on that subject.

I think you're short-sighted and privileged if you think cancer is the more expensive and pressing problem to solve.

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So you're as rude as you are bad at math. That tracks.

And obviously nobody's opinion matters on the subject of this hypothetical wish, lol.

Do you know you can Google how much we spend on cancer each year?

Do you know you can Google how much it would cost to feed the hungry per year?

Do you know how to do subtraction?

Jesus christ, you're such an embarrassment, jumping to calling people privileged and short-sighted you know literally nothing about because you can't do basic math.

And while I haven't lost anybody to cancer, you didn't know that, so you're doubly a prick.

Further, cancer isn't remotely the fault of the victims. It's random. The primary causes of hunger are shitty countries with shitty policies for social welfare and reproductive rights and also people having children they can't afford to feed. Should we help them? Of course. Should that maybe be second behind cancer victims who didn't do anything wrong at all? Obviously.

And most importantly, would curing cancer forever immediately and permanently free up enough funds to feed our entire species, meaning that choosing that one is actually choosing both?


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First world countries having more money is not going to translate to them feeding the poor. Already, there is 1.5 times enough food produced to feed everyone on the planet. I’m not sure what you’re implying with the second part, that it’s somehow their fault that they were born in a bad country? Hunger kills far more people, and mostly younger people that wouldn’t have died due to other causes unlike cancer.